Left handers find common tasks tricky

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Left Hander

Did you know that left handers were regarded as the devil’s puppets in Medieval times? Fortunately, that is no longer the case. However, even today, some everyday tasks remain challenging for lefties. Left handers form 10% of the world population. Being left dominated makes life difficult in many ways.

Left handers writing

Left handers and writing

Writing with anything that can smudge makes writing with the left hand difficult. Your hand smears anything written from left to right. Writing in a notebook with a spiral coil binding on the left is also a challenge. However, choosing a notebook with the spiral bounding at the top overcomes the problem. On the other hand, notebooks with right side spiral binding are available online.

Left handers, scissors, impossible

Using scissors is challenging for left handers

Although you can buy scissors for left handers, it would not usually be something they carry with them. Having to use scissors anywhere else will be uncomfortable. Firstly, the thumb most go into the smaller finger hole. Secondly, using the left hand will force the blades apart just enough to make cutting problematic.

Getting dressed

If you are a left-handed man, using zippers and buttons should be no problem. That is because the buttons on men’s wear line up on the right. In contrast, women’s clothing has the buttons on the left. To button up, they have to bring the side with the buttonholes over from the right side, making buttoning and zipping up awkward.

Why is walking a problem for left handers?

Locomotion problems arise when a left hander comes across a right hander walking toward them. Stepping out of the way to avoid a collision, both walkers will naturally move over to their dominant sides. This means they will both be on a collision course once again.

Dinner table setting
Left handers and right handers sharing dinner table real estate

What makes eating with others difficult?

If you see someone eating away from others, chances are they are left handers. Why? Left-handed people dig into their food with their left hands. If they sit next to right-handed people, their elbows will be in a constant battle. Furthermore, they will share the same area for their drinking glasses, bread plates, etc. Now, do you see why?

Even banking can be a hassle

Most banks tether their pens to flimsy chains to prevent clients from walking away with them. However, their placing suits only right handers. Lefty’s have no option but to sign their checks while uncomfortably fighting the strain of the chain.

Left handers, car cup holder

Fetching a drink from the car’s cup holder

Left-handed drivers may no longer find shifting with their right hands problematic. However, reaching over to the cup holder on the right to fetch a cappuccino or water bottle could be as dangerous as cellphone distractions.

Cellphones challenges

While I’m on the subject, some cellphones, especially Apple, can make operation difficult for left handers. Firstly, holding it in the left hand can block the antenna, compromising reception. Secondly, control blocks that default to the right can put them out of reach in landscape mode.

Can, pull tab

Kitchen problems for left handers

Have you ever watched a lefty trying to open a can with a manual can opener? It’s painful! This is one utensil that is almost impossible to use with the left hand. Imagine holding the can opener’s handles with the right hand and reaching over to turn the knob anticlockwise with the left hand. No wonder left handers favor cans with pull tabs. Most potato peelers pose similar problems for lefties.

The link between left handers and talent

Interestingly, the link between intelligence and talent and lefties goes back a long way. Mark Twain, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, Mozart, Aristotle and Nicola Tesla were all left handers.


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