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When was the last time you felt completely overwhelmed because your everyday life had begun to feel more like a daunting task that had grown tentacles that were wrapping around you, squeezing the joy right out of you and dragging you under and into the abyss of a deep, dark, turbulent sea? Many of us have felt this way at some point and were left yearning to live a happier life. After all,  you love your spouse, your kids, your dog and your neighbor.

The life-has-become-totally-overwhelming-and-I’m-frustrated-with-myself-for-the-way-I’m-handling-it feeling is common in a modern, busy world. This year many families have had to navigate challenging circumstances due to abrupt and unexpected changes that state governments inflicted upon them by shutting down schools, closing businesses and more.

You can live a happier life

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Those of us who are Christians believe there is an enemy who lurks nearby. This enemy wants to rob of us our joy. He wants us to get so overwhelmed and frustrated that we reach despair or question God’s existence. You can start right now on THIS day to change your patterns of thinking and behavior. You can live a happier life even if you are currently carrying a heavy burden.

Live a happier life with a grateful heart

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Joyful people tend to live happier lives, and joyful people also tend to be thankful for their blessings. You can live a happier life by making a conscious effort to give thanks for something or someone every day. Thank God and thank others. You’ve heard that energy begets energy, right? In a similar way, saying “Thanks” every day helps us appreciate our blessings, which has a mysterious way of adding blessing to our lives and making us happier.

Smile and count to 10

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The brain and body are closely connected. When you smile, what happens? You feel happy, don’t you? You can live a happier life by committing yourself to smiling every day. Not just a quick, slight half-grin. I’m talking an ear-to-ear smile that you hold for 10 solid seconds. Smiling helps melt away anger and frustration.

Serve others willingly

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You might have gotten a bit perturbed when you read this particular subheading. Were you thinking that all you do is serve others every day, all day, and that is part of the reason why you feel so overwhelmed? I get it, but I’m still going to challenge you to willingly and joyfully serve others in ways you are not necessarily obligated to do. Make it meaningful. Make it purposeful. Immerse yourself in it.

Live a happier life through music and media

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If you read bad news all the time or listen to music that is based on anger, it’s doubtful that you’re living your best life. Even the movies or activities you choose play a part in your everyday mood and demeanor. Choose reading material, music and media that makes you feel inspired, encouraged and supported. What makes you laugh? Who inspires you to go higher and be better?

Talk to God about it

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God is good all the time and wants us to live happy lives. If you want to live a happier life, try praying for this specific virtue. When we ask God for help, He delivers. Tell Him you want to be happier, and tell Him what’s making you unhappy. Ask Him to show you how to live a happier life.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses

Not only is life not always a bed of roses, it sometimes feels like we’re getting nothing but the thorns. These five tips are especially helpful during such times. If you need more than five, you might want to check out these tips as well. It is possible to live a happy life even though we suffer at times. It’s also okay to not be okay. No one feels happy ALL the time. Making a conscious effort to implement these simple ideas, however, might help you live a happier life.


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