Live video tips: Avoid these things like the plague!

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Entrepreneurship is the way of the future, which is great because kids don’t have to feel like college is their only option. I can think of five or six businesses that were created in garages. These are $25 billion-plus companies like Google, Amazon and Disney. This post isn’t about whether or not it’s cool to be an entrepreneur. It is, and we’re all for it. Work as many side hustles as you want so you can put food on your table and also spread joy in the world. I’ll be your biggest supporter. Please check out these live video tips before you start posting quick films on social media though so that you don’t lose more clients than you gain.

The whole idea behind entrepreneurship is creative liberty. Why then, is everyone starting to fall into a cookie cutter this-is-how-you-do-live-videos shtick? I watch several live videos a week but lately, I’m starting to cringe. Creativity has given way to predictable, repeated, copy-cat, same-olds. If you’re planning your next promo, these live video tips can help.

Whatever you do, don’t say this

We’re all works in progress. Especially when connecting with the general public, there’s always room for improvement. Hats off to anyone who gives it a go with live videos to promote a business or product. Lately, I can almost turn down the volume and fill in the voice on my own. They’re all the same. If you’re looking for live video tips, the first one is to be yourself. Don’t watch a video then try to re-create it.

Whatever you do, don’t begin your video by saying that you’re going to be really, really quick when you know you’re not. You know what I mean. You’ve heard it. The standard opening line: “Hey guys! I just wanted to jump on here really, really quick. I want to check in with you guys for a quick second and share some exciting news with y’all!” As soon as I hear this in a live video, I know it’s going to last a full 10 to 20 minutes. Just say what you need to say. Don’t tell people you’re going to take a second of their time if you’re really going to take a quarter of an hour.

Next up on live video tips

Shoot straight. No one likes cryptic live videos. We’re all super happy that you have found your niche. We’re excited that you want us to be part of it. But — if someone comments and asks you how much money you had to invest or how much you are making per month, tell it, girlfriend. Don’t tell them to private message you or that you cried when you got your latest pay check because you were so happy. Just answer their questions in a forthright and honest manner.

If I’m interested in a potential side hustle and I ask the entrepreneur a question, I expect an answer. When I feel like I’m getting the run around, I’m done. Signing out. Not only will I likely not purchase anything from this person, I also definitely will not sign on as a team member. Remember these live video tips: Tell the truth and don’t be cryptic. An entrepreneur that has nothing to hide will have no problem answering questions in a public forum. Be a straight shooter.

There’s income and then there’s income

I work from home and when people who are interested in my line of work ask me how much money I make, I tell them. The work is part-time, so my income provides extras in our family. It allows us to take field trips, go to the movies, buy school books, participate in sports, etc. I don’t try to fool anyone into thinking I make enough to pay the mortgage and all the bills. Live video tips should also include advice to let people know if you’re earning a primary income or supplement.

Viewers are happy that you earned enough bonus points to take a vacation or buy a new computer. Don’t take offense though, if someone is looking for a job that can meet all monthly expenses. A prospective team member might give you a minimum amount needed as income, so be honest if your business isn’t a good fit. Don’t say “It all depends on how hard you’re willing to work,” or “Wouldn’t you love to spend two weeks on a tropical island, all expenses paid?” Give specific income information.

Live video tips about background noise

Entrepreneurs often work from home. They have children. Children make noise. If you really want some good live video tips, do your live in a location, sans family activity. Live videos can be great fun. You might enjoy presenting your business with levity and humor. That’s all good. Be careful, however, not to cross a line where you begin to exploit your kids because they’re entitled to privacy, too! You don’t have to make the world privy to every meltdown, temper tantrum or toddler sugar high that happens in your home.

Prospective customers might take your product and your business more seriously if you present it as such. Everyone loves to see glimpses of your real life but that’s not the point. The point is to use tactfulness. Your kids will be able access the playback versions of your videos some day. Will they be happy with what they see?

Don’t say it’s free if it’s not

Our final live video tips for today have to do with “free” stuff. Free with purchase is not free, and it is also not free if you expect your customer to pay shipping. Free means you offer it, we click something and a product comes to our house without us losing a penny from our pocket. That’s free.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with free-with-purchase or free-with-shipping offers. I actually get excited about such deals sometimes. The problem is promoting something as 100% free when it’s not. If your customer clicks through and finds hidden costs or fees, it might kill the sale and also damage your image as a reputable business.

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