Lizzo, Girl, NO

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I have been loving me some Lizzo. Rapper, singer, flautist, and all-around bad ass, she took the music world by storm this year with hits like “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell”. I really enjoy her stance on body positivity. She’s not skinny, but still flaunts fun and revealing costumes in her shows and public appearances. I love it. Women of every size should embrace the body they have and strive for overall health, even if they aren’t a size 2. I thought she could do no wrong until she showed up at a recent NBA game with her butt hanging out of her dress. No, really. LITERALLY HANGING OUT. Lizzo, girl. NO.

Lizzo was great, ’til she had to be great

The “Boys” singer went to an NBA game over the weekend, featuring the LA Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves. The famous Laker Girls danced to Lizzo’s hit “Juice”, prompting the chanteuse to get in on the fun. That’s when we found out her t-shirt dress had a cut-out over her derriere, revealing her thong underwear.

A lot of the crowd seemed to be into it, which is a good thing in a way. Lizzo isn’t wrong that plus-size women are held to different beauty standards than thin women. Certainly a lot of the online hate she got for her fashion choice referenced how she supposedly shouldn’t be wearing something like that because of her size. That is absolute garbage. She is a grown adult woman who can wear whatever she wants. HOWEVER…

But, butt…

I don’t think an NBA game is the appropriate place for an outfit like that. At the MTV Awards? Absolutely! During one of her music videos? You bet! At her concert? Boss up and change your life! I promise you with every fiber of my being that I would have that same opinion no matter the person’s size, race, or gender.

Now, does something like this mean Lizzo is #canceled? Of course not! I actually appreciate the discussion she’s inspiring. After all, in spite of my feelings about it, we could argue that this really isn’t even a big deal. So she showed off her butt – so what? Every human past the age of one knows what a a bum looks like. Pop stars have been finding new ways to shock all of us for years now. This is probably one of the tamest events of that variety.

The (rear) end

One thing that’s kind of funny – the design of the dress almost makes it look like the surprise booty was an accident! It obviously wasn’t, though, but I’m willing to bet it goes further than Lizzo just deciding to wear a revealing dress to a family-friendly event. She just dropped a new music video for her hit “Good as Hell”. I can’t help but think this was all a publicity stunt. That, of course, means that WE are the, ahem, butt of the joke.

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