Mainstream media: Does it censor conservatives?

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Do you believe that the majority of journalists in the United States are fair, unbiased and truthful in their reporting? Many people have recently lamented that mainstream media (MSM) has become corrupt. Accusations state that MSM is not only reporting falsehoods but also, censoring people, social media posts, hashtags and anything else that does not fit a specific narrative.

For those who claim that mainstream media has in no way purported fake news or censorship, I pose the following questions:

  1. Why do most, if not all, mainstream media news agencies keep referring to Joe Biden as “president elect” when the 2020 presidential election has not been certified?
  2. Why has Twitter, Facebook and YouTube banned accounts, taken down videos and otherwise censored posts and people who have merely expressed opinions and viewpoints or news that do not align with a leftist narrative?
  3. Why have people like Wendy Bell been fired from their 20+ year career positions as TV news hosts simply because they expressed personal opinions that some people did not like?
  4. Why have popular TV shows like these been cancelled?

More on Wendy Bell and mainstream media censorship

Wendy Bell was once one of the most recognized faces on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania television. In 2016, after 18+ years of faithful service to WTAE-TV, Bell was fired from her position. She was also affiliated with KDKA radio, who has since severed ties with the energetic, outspoken host whose personal opinions apparently made her employers turn against her. They stated that Bell made racist comments and incited violence in expressing her personal views on certain topics. Oddly, news outlets like these appear to have no trouble airing video after video of violent street mobs burning private property to the ground and physically assaulting people. The majority of Wendy Bell fans say the terminations had more to do with mainstream media’s censorship of Bell for not conforming to a leftist narrative.

Bell has not given into mainstream media censorship

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Try as they might, mainstream media has not been able to silence Wendy Bell. Her faithful fans have continued to listen to her LIVE shows on Facebook and YouTube. She also remains active on her wendybell.com website, where a pinned announcement at the top of the homepage tells fans to stay tuned because she will soon be returning to the airwaves!

Since when is stating an opinion punishable by censorship?

The last time we checked here at the Hot Mess Press, U.S. citizens were still protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution with a right to free speech. For vibrant, enthusiastic radio personalities like Wendy Bell, this means it’s okay if she makes comments like, “There is no way in hell that Joe Biden won 80 million votes in the 2020 presidential election.” I mean, after all, if it’s okay when celebrities like Johnny Depp and Madonna publicly threaten to burn down the White House and assassinate the president of the United States, why can’t Bell or anyone else publicly state that they believe it is highly unlikely that Joe Biden got 80 million votes in the 2020 presidential election? Why is one okay but not the other?

Bell is an advocate for free speech

When WTAE-TV and KDKA radio fired Wendy Bell, they went after her advertisers. Imagine their surprise, however, when all but two not only didn’t stay on board while Bell was given her packing orders, they followed Bell and kept their sponsorships of her program intact! These advertisers and most Americans in general believe that free speech should be protected at all costs. Bell welcomes opposing viewpoints and consistently espouses the opinion that what matters most is TRUTH — truth in journalism, truth in elections, truth in government.

In a recent LIVE she did on Facebook, you can hear Bell debunk several mainstream media claims that there has been “no evidence” of fraud or treason in the 2020 presidential election. The debunking segment of the program begins at approximately the 18:20 time spot.


Where can you find fair and uncensored news these days?

What makes a platform led by a conservative host any less biased than mainstream media? I would say the answer is that such shows or hosts typically do not censor opposing viewpoints. While they are not afraid to share their opinions (That’s what free speech is all about, isn’t it?) they also do not attempt to silence those whose viewpoints do not align with their own. Mainstream media, on the other hand, shows evidence of corruption by only reporting a specific narrative and shunning (or censoring) anyone and everything that does not fit in with it.

Thankfully, there are still numerous outlets available if your goal is to find truthful journalism and uncensored reporting. The following news and social media companies consistently show commitment to truthful reporting and uncensored posts:

  1. The Epoch Times
  2. NTD News
  3. Dan Bongino 
  4. Parler
  5. MeWe
  6. RSBN TV

We value free speech at the Hot Mess Press. We take pride in welcoming opposing viewpoints. Journalistic integrity is a top priority here. Sadly, many big media companies do not appear to hold the same convictions.

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It’s understandable that people are becoming fed up with censorship initiated by mainstream media and major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and  YouTube. When questioned about evidence of censorship, CEOs of these companies often start to double-talk. Check out this clip of Senator Hawley asking Mark Zuckerberg about such issues:

Senator Hawley questions Zuckerberg

Do you think mainstream media is censoring people who do not fit a specific agenda or narrative? What are your favorite news or social media outlets? Are there platforms you purposely avoid and, if so, why?


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