Make-up Tips for Women Over 50: Look and Feel Your Best

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No matter how prepared I thought I was for entering my fifties, I wasn’t. I wanted to fully embrace getting older but have found that it’s quite challenging. Many inevitable body changes take place. Wrinkles, sags, menopausal weight-gain, etc., make getting older a humbling experience. There are several make-up tips for women over 50 that can help you look and feel your best.

You’re still alive, so don’t look like a corpse

Just because you’ve crested the hill, so-to-speak, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy fashion and make-up. The latter can be tricky, however, due to changes in skin tone and facial structure. If there’s ever a time for a “less is more” mentality, it’s after you have celebrated your 50th birthday and you want to wear make-up! Many foundations, concealers and other cosmetic applications can be counterproductive. Remember, the goal is to look and feel your best, not as though you’re being prepped for a coffin!

Over-50 make-up tips regarding complexion

While piling on foundation and concealer may not be the best way to go, you can use other products help brighten your mid-life complexion. There are illuminating, sheer foundations and non-toxic brighteners than help hydrate your skin and give a natural glow. In fact, a healthy skincare routine is the first step toward looking great beyond age 50. Basically, avoid toxins, avoid soap on your face, eat right, stay hydrated and get enough sleep.

Tend to your eyebrows but avoid the ‘cartoon’ look

Make-up tips for women over 50 should always address the eyebrow. We definitely need more tending in this area as we age. Gone are the full, natural looking brows that Brooke Shields made famous in the 80s. In fact, don’t be surprised if your thyroid’s playing tricks on you and you’re missing entire patches of brow hair! The key here is to subtly fill in your brows to create an even line. Avoid heavy coloring or you risk looking like a child’s coloring book page.

Careful with those smokey eyes!

The smokey eye is back. However, it typically looks best on younger women. Unless you have mad cosmetic application skills or a younger daughter who can help you out, remember the less-is-more tip when it comes to eye shadow. Otherwise, people might randomly start offering you a frozen steak to hold over your eyes. Imagine trying to explain that you were not the victim of a double-jab, you were merely trying to keep up with current make-up trends.

Mascara and liner are your friends

Our over-50 eyes can get lost among our laugh lines. Gentle use of eyeliners and mascara can brighten your eyes and help you look less tired. As with the smokey eye, however, caution is the name of the game if you plan to be trendy and apply “wings” with your eyeliner. This can go really wrong on an older face, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Choose styles and colors that are less harsh to subtly add sparkle to your eyes.

Natural shades are best for blush

The older you get, the more careful you have to be when choosing blush tones. Younger, tauter, darker complexions can support reds and bright pinks a lot easier than over-50 cheeks can. You’re best bet is to go with softer peaches or sheer pinks that help skin glow and brighten without looking like you’re about to step foot on a vaudeville stage.

Bronzer can make or break your beauty routine

Make-up tips for women over 50 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning bronzers. Natural, sun-kissed skin tones are best and it’s good for your overall health to regularly spend time in direct sunlight. (Read this to learn why!) Be conservative if you use a cosmetic bronzer to achieve a similar look. Unless you want to look like a stand-in for the Oscar, avoid heavy applications. Use a little at a time, checking your appearance in a mirror with good lighting, to make sure you’re toning your skin without looking like a spray-painted statue.

How you look and feel are closely connected

Full disclosure: When I look in the mirror sans make-up , I sometimes feel tired because I think I look tired. In reality, after age 50, our facial features tend to sag here and wrinkle there. This can make us look fatigued, even when we’re getting adequate sleep at night. Regarding make-tips for women over 50, do what makes you feel your best. If you’d rather go without, go right ahead! If continuing to use cosmetics makes you feel more energetic and beautiful, have at it! The key is to confidently do whatever helps you look and feel your healthiest!

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