Making your home stylish with these 8 ideas

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Your home is likely the place you spend the majority of your time. Whether you’re living on the east or west coast, or any place in between, your home is the place you make some of your best memories.
Making your home stylish is well worth the effort and it can be great fun.

You can put your own mark on your abode, but here are eight tips that may also make your spaces magazine worthy.


Plants add life and oxygen to any room. If you have children or pets, make sure that indoor plants aren’t toxic to them. Some good choices are spider plants and prayer plants – both of which are fine for kids and pets.

Great lighting

A unique, fun or sophisticated light fixture that bathes a space in a warm glow is sure to give a room a lift and add some sparkle. Proper lighting can make a space feel welcoming and open, too and  goes a long way to making your home stylish. Pendant lights above a kitchen island are a perfect example of this.

A bit of old with the new

If you like sleek, modern designs, adding a stunning antique piece into the mix here and there adds a sophisticated mark to your style. An antique sideboard with a modern dining table and chairs, for instance or using that old sideboard in your living room as a TV stand.

Wallpaper’s back in moderation

You might want to pretty up small spaces like powder rooms and hallways with a smack of color. Nothing says you can’t enjoy being in those spaces as well!

One-of-a-kind artwork

Here’s where you can get really creative for just a few dollars. You don’t need to spend a fortune to brighten up your walls. You can even create your own works of art on canvas or hang some of your own photos that look a little artsy.

A sofa with pizzazz

To make a real statement in a sitting area or living room, add a sofa with a pop of color! A vibrant yellow couch would be fantastic in a room painted dove gray. Paint the moulding and trim white and you’ll have a chic room to impress your family and friends. Making your home stylish with bursts of color add a posh artistry in living areas.

Oversized mirrors

Large mirrors give a room the illusion of added space and can really be the focal point of a space. You might want to have a look at local thrift stores or antique shops. These are some places to score gorgeous, unique mirrors.

Toss some cushions

With the different styles and types of fabric on the market today, you can either make your own throw pillow covers or have them made for you. There’s no need to be cookie cutter when it comes to style in your home. Nothing says you have to purchase them in store.

Be unique! Let your home be a reflection of you and your family and others will feel welcomed when they walk through the door!

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