Marriage Hacks: Does Your Relationship Need a Re-Charge?

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Have you ever gotten really excited over a lifehack you discovered on Pinterest, in a Facebook meme or by word of mouth? I have; in fact, I’ve written articles right here on Hot Mess that I’m certain you can find if you peruse the “In the Kitchen,” “Around the House,” or “Random” categories. We all love learning cool new ways to organize our endless supply of electrical cords using bread bag tabs or 1,000 things we can do with empty toilet paper rolls; however, sometimes it’s more than our kitchen drawers, storage rooms or garages that need restructuring, reorganizing, refurbishing or rebuilding.

What about relationships, in particular, marriages? If you were to rate the current state of your marital relationship on a scale of one to 10, with one signifying “super-duper” and 10 meaning “hanging by a thread” for companionship, vibrancy, trust, loyalty, time together, etc., how would it rank? If your list would include all 10s, you are definitely one of the luckiest people on earth, for most married couples would at least have several scores of eight or below on their lists.

As a Christian, it is my firm belief that in Christ, all things are possible, including restoring a marriage that is teetering on the brink of divorce. Have you ever noticed how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things? Through our everyday lives and interaction with others, He can bless us if we let Him; this includes helping us heal, revive and rejuvenate our marriages.

As is true with life in general, marriage is a constant ebb and flow of ever-changing events. Some days, weeks, months, years (decades) may be better than others. If you and your spouse are struggling, the following list of creative relationship hacks may be helpful to your marriage:

*Practice immediate forgiveness; after all, it‘s what our heavenly Father gives to us, no matter how many times we fail Him.

*Give your spouse a shoulder squeeze or kiss on the top of his or her head and whisper simple words of affection or gratitude, such as “Love you,” or “Thanks for all you do.”

*Rather than a quick peck on the cheek in greeting or departure (or ignoring each other, if things have gotten that bad) take time pause, offer an extended embrace and smile into each other’s eyes.

*Show enthusiasm if your spouse shares a story about work or a minor weight-loss success. Taking pleasure in each other’s accomplishments can do wonders in a struggling relationship.

*Pray for and with your spouse.

I keep a 20-plus-year-old photo of my husband as the home screen on my cell phone! Every time I see that twinkle in his eyes and smile that melted my heart so long ago, it reignites those feelings and reminds me that we’re that same couple in a different phase along our journey — the journey we chose to walk together!

Help us recharge our marriage batteries by sharing a relationship hack idea in the comments!


Writer Bio: Judy Dudich

Judy Dudich resides in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania, where 24 acres of land and a home-office provide the perfect setting for her children’s home-education and her own homesteading and business ventures. Life is full of blessings (and challenges!) for Judy, as a wife, mother of 10 and Grammy to six. She is a published author, whose book, “I Surrender/A Study Guide for Women” continues to encourage and support others in Christian family lifestyles throughout the world. Judy has also previously worked in the online speaking circuit. Her passion for permaculture, re-purposing, foraging and organic gardening fills her days with learning and adventure that she loves to share.

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