Maui fires have sparked questions

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In the wake of the recent tragedy on a popular Hawaiian island, more than 1,000 people (including many children) are missing. At least 30,000 people evacuated the area when “wildfires” began to rip through the area. The current death toll of the disaster is more than 100. Deepest sympathy and condolences go out to those who have suffered from these events. The Maui fires were the deadliest wildfires in the United States in more than a century. They have ignited more than lethal flames. They have caused millions of people to ask serious questions.

Why can’t people ask questions?

When someone questions the safety of a product designed as a children’s toy, they are touted as a savvy consumer. If you question the government or news media or inconsistencies you observe, you’re a conspiracy theorist. Funny, though, isn’t it, how many conspiracies have been proven true in recent years?

Why were trees left standing in the middle of the Maui fires?

One of the strange issues that people immediately began to notice as they watched news reels and videos of the Maui fires is that trees stood in the midst of the flames. These fires were literally blazing infernos, seeming to destroy everything in their paths, except certain trees, You have to admit that is odd. This is one of several observations that caused millions of people to suspect that the fires were the result of nefarious actions.

Various “experts,” such as an assistant professor of wildfire risk in Oregon weighed in on the topic. He stated that trees that have a high water content often remain standing when surrounding regions are destroyed by fire. Some people were satisfied with this explanation. Many others continued to question.

Were laser beams used from on high to start the Maui fires?

Videos and graphics showing the Maui fires from an overhead view spurred even more people to start questioning the validity of the claim that the fires occurred naturally. People throughout the country began suspecting that laser beams were used to ignite the fires and spread them in a predetermined fashion. Some claimed it’s not even possible to start a fire with a laser beam from the sky. However, that’s simply not true.

In 2018, a man photographed a laser beam shooting down to ignite a controlled burn at an Ohio refinery. Someone reportedly got hold of the photos of that event and posted them online after the Maui fires. The person who had taken one of the Ohio photos came forward to confirm that the image was his. He said someone had re-posted it in connection with the Maui fires. However, the fact that such images exist proves that it IS, in fact, possible to strategically start fires using laser beams from the sky.

Why didn’t celebrity-owned real estate burn?

Many people are also asking why the Maui fires left the homes of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Bill Gates (if you can call him a celebrity) unscathed. A bird’s eye view of the fires show supposedly out-of-control flames spread through Maui and travel right alongside the property lines of real estate owned by celebrities and billionaires. It stops short with precision without causing ANY damage to their land or homes. How can that be? In a moment of snarkiness, I asked myself whether their homes had high water content like the trees that remained standing the midst of the flames.

The news media and others can think or say whatever they want about people who have asked such questions. My point, though, is why don’t they just provide the answers? If there are logical explanations to why raging wildfires come to a screeching halt just before the property lines of billionaires, why not provide those explanations? There’s a lot of name-calling and finger pointing, but no answers. Some people suggest that homeowners in Maui with a lot of money and a lot of power have committed an act of arson. They think they did this to force residents out of their homes and away from the area, so they themselves can scoop up the real estate and rebuild. Stranger things have happened in recent years; wouldn’t you say?

Isn’t it ironic that a conference to turn Maui into a smart city occurred before the fires started?

The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences hosted a conference in January of this year. A portion of the discussions held at this conference included the idea of transforming Maui into the nation’s first 15-minute smart city. This is an urban planning theme. In such a city, everything would run on solar panels. They call these cities “15-minute” cities because, in theory, people could obtain anything they need within walking distance of their homes. AI would run the city.

It’s no secret that native residents on Maui have refused to sell their real estate. They refused to leave the area when high-powered, wealthy individuals and groups who want to purchase the land beckoned them to do so. People who attended the conference say there were no actual plans made to turn Maui into a smart city. It was just an idea. Millions of other people across America, however, noted the irony that such a conference took place in January, residents refused to sell, then “natural wildfires” destroyed the area containing their homes (but not nearby billionaires’ homes) months later.

Maui mayor confronted by reporters

The mayor of Maui recently spoke to a group of reporters following the fires that have destroyed the beautiful island, caused many deaths and left hundreds of families grief-stricken as they search for missing loved ones. An independent journalist asked the mayor how many of the missing people are children. His response was, “I don’t know.” The reporter wasn’t buying that answer. He challenged the mayor, saying he must have an estimate. He asked why he was refusing to provide information to the public. The mayor casually threatened to end the interview. This prompted voices from the crowd telling him that he is the worst mayor the island has ever had.

All drama aside, isn’t it logical to assume that the mayor of a city that was just destroyed by fire would have access to resources that could, at least, muster an estimate of how many children are missing from the region? Yet, this mayor adamantly claimed (in public) that he has no idea how many children are missing. How must that make the families of the missing children feel? Do you think the Maui fires were a random, natural disaster or do you share the concerns of millions of people throughout the country who are asking questions that are not being answered?

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