Mayor Bill de Blasio offers free food in exchange for getting COVID injections

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Mayor Bill de Blasio, plate of hamburger and french fries

What attributes do you believe a governing official should possess? For instance, if you were to create a list of characteristics you might look for in a good mayor, what would those be? Would you include “someone who goes on live TV and makes a spectacle of himself or herself while scarfing down french fries and a burger to bribe (OOPS, I mean, “encourage”) people to get COVID injections” a desired quality of a mayoral candidate? If so, the Mayor Bill de Blasio is the man for you because that’s exactly what he did. See for yourself:

I personally was sickened when I saw this video. It evoked a wave of emotions and thoughts in me, mostly associated with feeling devastated and ashamed for my children’s sake and all other young people who have yet to start their adult lives in this country. Rather than rant about how nauseating, disgusting, cowardly and corrupt I believe Bill de Blasio is for resorting to this type of behavior, I will, instead, attempt to address the issue from an objective standpoint, using critical thinking skills and common sense. (Yes, some of us in America still have such things.)

Why would Mayor Bill de Blasio bribe (OOPS, “encourage”) people to get injected for free food if the injections are good?

Common sense and reason would prompt anyone with even the most basic level of intelligence to ask why a mayor feels the need to offer free food in exchange for injection, if the injections in question are supposedly so beneficial for the general population? Think about it. There’s no charge to receive the Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca or Johnson & Johnson injections. Also, the mainstream media has been promoting the so-called benefits of these injections for months. We can’t turn on a television or car radio, or scroll the internet without hearing how wonderful (with many calling the shots “miraculous”) the injections are. It’s logical to assume, then, that millions of people would be fighting to get to the front of the line (like they did when they thought we were down to the last few rolls of toilet paper on earth) to get their injections before anyone else.

Why would Mayor Bill de Blasio feel the need to chomp, scarf and slurp a basket of french fries and a burger down on live TV during what was supposed to be his morning press briefing as an “incentive” for New Yorkers to get in line for a COVID shot? Consider basic marketing and advertising concepts. Most of us know enough about such topics to know that a quality product sells itself. Sure, anyone with a product to sell will want to “get the word out” about it. It’s even common to offer raffles, coupons or free samples to “get the ball rolling” for a new product. The bottom line, however, is that a product of high quality will be in demand. Why hasn’t that happened with COVID injections?

VAERS and CDC have reported more than 4,000% increase in deaths, which is likely lower than the actual toll

The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) has stated that, in 2020, approximately 82 people died from vaccines. (I hesitate to use the term “vaccine” for the COVID injections because they are merely experimental gene therapy injections, not vaccines, but since VAERS calls them vaccines, I am noting it here.) So far, in 2021, there has reportedly been a 4,000% increase in vaccine deaths in the United States. This source states that more than 3,000 people have died after receiving COVID vaccines. (Please note that updated reports now list the death toll at more than 4,000.)

Why does Mayor Bill de Blasio seem more concerned about advertising for Shake Shack in New York City than he does about more than 4,000 people in the U.S. dying after getting COVID injections? In the past, it has always been in practice that a vaccine is immediately taken off the market if more than 50 deaths are reported to VAERS. Yet, more than 4,000 deaths associated with COVID injections have been reported through VAERS. This number is undoubtedly much higher in reality considering all the deaths that have not been reported to VAERS. Not only have the drugs not been taken off the market, but government officials like Mayor Bill de Blasio are encouraging people to roll up their sleeves and get injected in exchange for free food.

Mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t the only famous person advertising COVID injections

In addition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, other well known celebrities and political figures have taken to social media, live TV and other venues to promote COVID injections. Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that these shots are “miracle vaccines” that will “save the world.” His daughter, Ivanka, posted pictures on her Instagram page of herself getting a first, then second dose. Sadly, some of the famous people who publicly encouraged others to get the injections died after they received their shots, such as Major League Baseball icon Hank Aaron, former heavyweight champion, Marvin Hagler and rap music star, DMX.

Using critical thinking skills, one might determine that famous people, especially political figures, might refrain from promoting injections that appear to be related with thousands of deaths and many other horrific side effects, even for people who haven’t been injected but have been exposed to people who have recently had the shots. Common sense tells us that none of these claims have been 100% proved. In light of that fact, I would say this:

  1. When hundreds of thousands of people start reporting anecdotal evidence of severe, adverse conditions that are believed to be associated with COVID injections, the U.S. government should act swiftly to halt all injections until and unless the claims can be proved false. When human health is at stake, officials are morally and ethically obligated to err on the side of safety, which they clearly haven’t done in this case.
  2. I personally know several people who have been admitted to the hospital for severe hemorrhage and enormous clots dropping out of their bodies onto the floor. None of them received the COVID injections, but all of them are surrounded daily by people in the workplace who have recently received the shots. In each case, all other possible causes of their conditions were ruled out by their medical teams.
  3. When have “vaccines” ever before been the focus of celebrity and political advertisements? The level to which some people have stooped (i.e. Watch the video at the beginning of this post again, if needed to make the point.) to promote COVID injections is bizarre and suspicious.

In closing and setting objectivity aside:

Qualities of a good mayor typically don’t include acting like a pig and making a fool of yourself on live TV

Has the general population in the U.S. truly become so twaddle-minded, desensitized, immature and brainwashed that it fails to recognize an all-out propaganda and indoctrination campaign when it sees one? Most people would agree that a good mayor should have the attributes included in the following list:

  1. Ability to lead
  2. Political savvy
  3. Administrative skills
  4. Eagerness and ability to attract business and tourism to his or her city
  5. Ideas for job growth
  6. Trustworthy, honest and compassionate
  7. Willingness to make tough decisions that may not be popular
  8. Skilled negotiator
  9. Sets good example for community, especially youth
  10. Has people’s best interests in mind

I’m sure you can think of many more qualities that someone fit to lead a community as a mayor would possess. I would also venture to guess that “acting like an overgrown fifth grader who has never been taught table manners or social etiquette”  and offering bribes (OOPS, “incentives”) to get experimental injections would not be included on most people’s lists.

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