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Following up on my recent article with Google Search tips, aimed at technologically-challenged co-baby boomers, here are some useful shortcuts.

I’ll explain how to get quick answers to basic questions without the need to visit different websites. The shortcuts include quick math solutions, from simple to scientific calculations.

Have you ever stumbled over an unfamiliar word? No need to find the dictionary. I will show you how to get a definition with one click of your mouse. You can do the same to track your packages, do conversions and more

Use Google search for calculations

Want help with a calculation for which you would prefer to use a calculator instead of your head? By the time you find the calculator, you might not remember why you were looking for it. LOL

Here’s a quick way. Type the numbers of the calculation into the Address or URL bar, and the answer will appear right there.

However, if you click enter, the results page will open with the first item showing the result on a calculator. Any other calculations can be done there. It includes a scientific calculator for those who are into chemistry, physics or mechanics. So you see, Google can do basic calculations for you. It can also help when you have complicated math problems with mathematical or scientific terms.

Here’s an example: 24*7+383 will show 551 as the answer right there, or on the calculator, if you push enter.

Search for definitions on Google Search

You can get the definition of any word by typing “define” along with the word in the search bar. Google will define the word and show additional information. For some words, you may find a sound button next to it to hear the pronunciation of the word.

I have discovered a quicker way to use this feature. If you come across an unfamiliar word like “kerfuffle” in an internet article, do this. Highlight the word and right-click on it.

Among the available options, choose “Search Google for *.” You can skip opening a new page and typing “define…” A new page will open with the same information as to when you search a definition, and you will get something like this:

I use this often because it also works for images and anything else on which you want more information.

You can track your packages

If you are expecting deliveries from FedEx, USPS or UPS, you can track the packages. By merely typing the tracking number in the Google Search bar, you will get the information you need. That saves you the effort of opening the supplier or transport company’s website and having to search for the details you need.

Use Google Seach for Conversions

To save you from navigating to different websites, Google Search shortcuts offers multiple quick conversions with instant answers. Google often shows you the question before you even complete the question. All you need to do is type in the number and unit to convert, and the unit of measure you want.

Google Search Shortcuts

If you click enter, a converter will open, ready for any other conversions you want to do. Similarly, when baking cookies for the grandchildren, convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, grams to ounces, pints to liters and more. Furthermore, you can convert currencies like British Pounds or Euros to U.S. Dollars, inches and feet to meters, etc.

Additional instant searches

Before taking a road trip, type “weather” and the zip code or city into the search bar. You’ll have information about the weather at your destination in no time.

To check the time in another time zone, simply type “Time” and the place.

You can even check the performance of any stocks you have by typing its ticker name into the search bar. If, for instance, you type GOOG, you will immediately get the latest price for Google stock.

To sum up, as with my previous article on Google Search tips, if only one of these tips helps you, I’ll be happy.


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