Morning mistakes that can spoil your entire day

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Morning sunrise

How do your typical morning go? We all have those days when colleagues or family members whisper something about getting up at the wrong side of the bed behind their hands. Importantly, the how and when of early morning tasks often have a lot to do with how we feel through the rest of the day.

Alarm Clock
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Morning mistakes can start at the moment the alarm goes off

Although snoozing for an extra 15 minutes seem insignificant, it could put your whole day out of sync. The best rest is obtained by going to bed and waking at the same time each day.

Morning stretch

Beware of early morning lightheadedness

While it is unwise to stay in bed for that extra 15 minutes, it is also not a good idea to fly up and challenge gravity. At that moment blood will rush from your head to your legs. It could cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, and leave you feeling woozy. Therefore, take it slowly, sit up and pause a while to let your body get used to this idea of changing from being horizontal to being vertical.

Open Curtains
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Open the drapes to let the morning light in

Resist the temptation to keep the shades drawn. Although you might want to stay in the quietness of the dark room, especially on cold winter mornings, it could confuse you internal clock. The morning light sets it each morning, and opening the shades is important. Getting out into the sun also maintains your vitamin D levels, helping your body to fight inflammation and infection.

Morning Coffee

Don’t refuse your body its early morning caffeine fix

Skipping your morning cup of coffee might cause a groggy feeling. Essentially, it could affect your ability to concentrate, and leave you feeling tired. If you want to limit your caffeine intake, do it gradually to avoid responses. For example, a sudden cut back could cause flu-like symptoms, severe headaches and nausea.

Morning Breakfast

Make breakfast a priority

Nothing is important or pressing enough to make you bail out of breakfast. It is a healthy way to start your day, and you’ll have sharper thinking.

Morning exercise
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A morning workout has many benefits

If your exercise is part of your morning routine you will be less likely to ditch it. A daily workout benefits your quality of sleep, your mood, weight and overall health. People who exercise daily are typically more aware of what they eat during the day to maintain a healthy weight.

Morning emails
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Avoid jump starting your day with digital devices

Do not give in the urge to check your social media and emails before you get to work. It is a sure way to start your day with high stress and anxiety levels.

Day planner

Have your day planned in advance

Starting your day without a plan might have you losing sight of your goals for the day. Planning can help you achieve your goals for your career, lifestyle and family life. Scan your priorities at the start of the day, and check your progress before you go to sleep at night.

Morning gratitude

Dwell on the good things in your life

Instead of jumping in at the deep end in the morning, take a few moments to be quiet and consider all the good things in your life. Reminding yourself of what you have to feel grateful for will overshadow problems and help you not to focus on them but work through them with a plan. Some suggest you should write this in a journal, but even doing it all in your head serves the same purpose.

Sweet Donuts
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Who is the boss? You, or your sweet tooth?

If you find it difficult to resist sweet treats, this one might be a challenge. Sugary pastries like donuts load your blood with sugar almost immediately, leaving you irritable, tired and hungry. In contrast, the protein in eggs and fiber rich grains, vegetables and fruit digest slower, providing energy in a steady stream over a longer period.

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