Movies Where Stars Actually HATED Each Other

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Most of us go to the movies for an escape. Though we know the stories aren’t true, the chemistry between the stars can be easy to believe. You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that not all on-screen romances mean off-screen relationships. But what if I told you that there are many, MANY movies where the leads not only weren’t in love, but actually couldn’t stand one another? Don’t believe me? Here is a list of eight movies where the stars actually HATED each other in real life.

  1. An Officer and a Gentleman – Richard Gere & Debra Winger

Rumor has it that Gere was jealous of Winger’s ability to steal every scene of this drama/romance that she a was part of – her Oscar nomination for Best Actress for this movie seems to lend a bit of credence to this theory. Winger also publicly stated that Gere was a “brick wall.” At least one co-star, Louis Gossett, Jr., stated that the two wouldn’t interact between scenes. Winger reportedly despises this movie to this day.

  1. The Prince & the Showgirl – Marilyn Monroe & Lawrence Olivier

One of cinema’s greatest beauties and one of cinema’s greatest actors did not get along on set. Olivier was angry that Monroe would forget her lines or show up late to set. Once, he even started a bet with the crew on how many takes Monroe would need for a certain scene. She got angry that Olivier once directed her to “just be sexy”, since she considered herself a serious actress. The feud was so famous, it was the subplot of a 2011 movie, My Week With Marilyn (which I cannot recommend enough, by the way.)

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey – Dakota Johnson & Jaime Dornan

The book series and movie franchise purported to stir the lust of housewives everywhere, but I’m sorry to report to fans that the two leads apparently did not get along. Though you might assume this would make filming more uncomfortable, it may have actually helped them, since they wouldn’t care what the other thought of them.

  1. Kramer vs. Kramer – Dustin Hoffman & Meryl Streep

Though this movie isn’t about a romance so much as the breakdown of one, this five-time Oscar-winner reportedly had two leads who didn’t like each other. Streep yelled at Hoffman for throwing a wine glass in a scene without warning her. Actor Justin Henry, who played their son, joked that he’d pick Streep over Hoffman (the movie is based on a divorce and custody battle) because she was nicer. Hearing this, Hoffman apparently said “Oh yeah? Work with her five weeks, then see what you say.”

  1. Charlie’s Angels – Lucy Liu & Bill Murray

Their two characters aren’t involved in a romance, but apparently Murray told Liu she was a bad actress, and she physically attacked him on set. For the record, I am Team Lucy on this one. Though I love his work, Murray has a reputation for being difficult. Also, I was once an extra on a movie with Liu, and she took the time to thank us all, acknowledging how difficult extra work can be. Class-act all the way.

  1. Dirty Dancing – Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey

This broke my heart. The romance depicted in this movie is iconic, but reports say that the two stars didn’t have any chemistry behind the scenes. Swayze had to convince Grey to even do the movie because she grew to dislike him during their previous film, Red Dawn. Producers were so worried their acrimonious relationship would affect the movie that they forced them to rewatch their screen tests. They generated enough of a connection to finish the film.

  1. Romeo & Juliet – Claire Danes & Leonardo DiCaprio

This one broke my sixteen-year-old heart. Danes thought DiCaprio was immature, and DiCaprio thought she was uptight. This was even after DiCaprio apparently fought to have Danes cast as Juliet because of her line delivery and confidence. So much for star-crossed lovers!

  1. The Notebook – Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

I adore Rachel McAdams. So, it absolutely pains me to report that the two stars of this film did not get along initially. So much so that Gosling wanted her kicked off of set! The director, Nick Cassavetes, had to go so far as to stage an intervention. He forced the two of them to hash out their differences in a room together. Guess it worked since the two ended up dating later on, for four years!

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