Moving? Get Ready for Some Paperwork

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Our family recently made a very short move within our neighborhood. Despite the local move, it has been a lot of work. It has been two weeks, and we continue to work on many details associated with the move. We are finding that there is a lot of paperwork with moving.

Change of Addresses

Everyone has to be notified of a change of address. Subscription services, delivery services, financial institutions, family and more. Everyone has their own method of changing addresses. Some places allow addresses to be changed online, and others require multiple proofs of a change of address.

Tip: Prior to moving, make a list of everything that comes to your home and use the list to make the changes following the move. Visit USPS.com and submit a change address. Most of your important mail will be forwarded for two months reminding you of places to update your mailing address. Forwarded items will have a yellow sticker with a reminder to change the address.

Change your address with places that purchases are frequently made. Addresses must be changed unless you would like the new residents of your former home to receive your packages from Amazon, Target and other online retailers.

Driver’s License

Among the items that many places require to change an address, is the need for an updated driver’s license. Our state allows many drivers to update their license online. My husband updated his driver’s license online, but I required a trip to our local DMV. Although I updated my license in person, the DMV gave me a temporary paper copy with my permanent hardcopy mailed to me a week later. If you need an updated license urgently, keep in mind there may be a mail delay.

Homestead Exemption

In many states, homeowners need to be diligent about filing for homestead exemption when a home is purchased. Depending on the state, homeowners can save on their property taxes by claiming their new residence as their primary home.

In our state, driver’s licenses and car and tag registration must exhibit the new address before homestead exemption can be filed. Make sure to call or check online to see the required paperwork needed before making a trip to the Tax Commissioner’s office.

Car and Tag Registration

We happened to make our move immediately prior to needing to apply for our 2019 car registration. During our move, our tag registration application was lost. I quickly made a trip to the DMV to pay for the tags and update addresses of our registration. Although the DMV had no issue with me paying for the tags, they would not allow me to change the address. The registration is in my husband’s name and requires an updated driver’s license prior to changing. An additional trip to the DMV with my husband will be necessary.

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