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My honest review of Chewy.com - The Hot Mess Press

I’ve never been someone who was super loyal to particular brands or companies. I like to get a good deal on everything so I switch between stores, brands, and products frequently to find the best quality for the price. When it comes to pet products, I’ve always shopped around for what I felt was the best deal. Especially when it comes to dog food. I want to feed our dogs the best quality food possible but it can get expensive. We have large dogs and they eat a lot. So I’ve tried a lot of different places to find the best price on the brand of dog food we prefer. When it comes to price, customer service, and selection, I’ve decided that ordering from Chewy.com is the best option. If you’ve been on the fence about ordering from them, hopefully, my honest review of Chewy.com can help you make a decision.

Excellent Customer Service

I’ve been ordering from Chewy for nearly 4 years. In that time I’ve had to contact their customer service twice. They were very quick to respond to my emails both times. They’re also great for resolving issues, even if the problem isn’t directly their fault. The most recent time I contacted them was because of a damaged order due to the carrier mishandling the box during shipping. Chewy still offered me a new order for free even though the problem wasn’t their fault. The customer support team is also great about letting you know when an order will be delayed.

Autoship is a lifesaver

With our 4 large dogs, using Chewy’s Autoship option is essential. I can adjust the shipping date based on how many weeks we can go between shipments. As a customer, you can also have more than one Autoshipment. Right now, I have one for flea treatments and one for food. It’s easy to add or remove things from an automatic shipment. They also allow you to add one-time products to your Autoship order. This works well if you need to order something like a collar, medication, or large-ticket item. The best thing about Autoship is that I get an email several days before each shipment will be sent out. This gives me the option to change or delay the shipment based on what we need.

Free shipping

Chewy.com always offers free shipping on orders with a total of $49 or more. Shipping services are also really fast. I’ve had many orders be shipped out on the same day I placed my order. Depending on your location, you can expect most orders to get there in 1-3 days from the time you placed your order. The only minor complaint I have with Chewy is with their packaging. They have a policy of fitting as much as possible into one box, which saves on shipping for them and helps reduce wasted packaging. But, this can also make boxes very heavy, especially if you order cat litter or large bags of pet food. These large, heavy boxes can be hard to get inside the house to unpack.

I realize my honest review of Chewy.com reads like a sponsored post, but it’s not. After buying the majority of our pet products from them for several years, I’ve decided that they are the best option for us. Their selection of products rivals any pet store and they usually have comparable or better prices. Plus, when you’re buying large bags of pet food, the convenience factor of having it brought to your door is amazing. If you’ve been thinking of giving Chewy.com a try, go for it. Whether you have dogs, cats, fish, birds, or even farm animals, you can easily find most of what you need on their website.

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