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Shopping online can be risky, and you can’t always be sure you’ll receive the advertised item. If you’ve ever used Wish, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Amazon reviews might not always be accurate either. However, I would like to share with you some of my favorite Amazon finds. And no, this is not a sponsored review. It would be awesome if Amazon paid me for this shout out, but alas, I’m doing this because I know many of us are shopping behind our keyboards these days.


Before you consider purchasing any clothing online, you should always check out the reviews. Not all reviews are accurate, but some can be helpful. I carefully combed through the other customer’s opinions before making any decisions.


Koalas in the Amazon

Colorfulkoala high-waisted leggings are by far my absolute favorite leggings ever. They are buttery soft. They sit comfortably on my waist without slipping or rolling down. Best of all, they help camouflage my mommy tummy. I know, I know, #bodyimage #loveyourself and all that. But I would be more comfortable in my body if it was healthier and had a flatter stomach. Colorfulkoala offers different lengths in several different patterns. The most common question people ask about leggings is, are they squat proof? Let’s chat about “squat proof” for a second. I believe a lot of leggings get a bad rap because people aren’t buying the proper size. Just because leggings stretch does not mean you need to put that much stress on the fabric. Measure yourself carefully and consider ordering one size up. I’ve yet to have any issues with Colorfulkoala leggings being see-through. By the way, did I mention they have pockets??


The most flattering shirt ever

While I can’t vouch for the rest of their clothing, I can vouch for this particular Allegrace shirt. It is universally flattering, in my opinion. I’ve seen it on women of all shapes, sizes, and height, and it looks great on everyone. I currently own this style shirt in six different colors; there are 25 colors/patterns in all. It’s such a simple design, but it can be dressed up or down or worn to the gym. Not only is it flattering and versatile, but it’s soft and stretchy.


Summer dress

Styleworld offers several different summer styles, but my favorite is this spaghetti strap v-neck. I ordered this dress in three different patterns, and the best part, it has POCKETS! Now, you do need to know a few things before you considering purchasing this dress. For starters, if you have a larger bust, you might want to consider adding a bralette or panel. It exposed a little too much cleavage for my taste, so I pinned it to avoid giving everyone a peepshow.


Unfortunately, this dress doesn’t have a slip sewn in, so if you’re looking to buy one of the lighter colors/patterns, make sure you own a slip. I ordered this light colored pattern, and it is a tad see-through. I’m not too concerned, though, because I have plans to alter it. As for the length, I’m 5’7, and it hits just a couple inches above the knee. If you check out the reviews, you can see how awesome it looks on different body shapes!


Bringing back that 1950’s style

These two dresses are like a blast from the past! They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just had to mention them because they’re SO flattering and modest. The first is a rockabilly swing dress from Bbonlinedress on Amazon. When I first tried it on, I wanted to listen to some Duke Ellington or Glen Miller and cook a casserole while wearing high heels.


The second dress is more of a life on the prairie style from Wedtrend on Amazon. Of course, I make that judgment based on the style AND color. If you look at the other options for this dress, there are different colors that don’t scream county fair. Helpful hint for my bustier ladies; go by your bust measurement. A waistline can always be taken in, but it’s hard to let out the bust.


Honorable Amazon mentions

BTFBM is another women’s fashion shop on Amazon, and they have a lot of cute outfits! My favorite is the bodycon t-shirt dress. I own this little number in two colors, red and navy blue. It is definitely va-va-voom! I feel so confident in this dress because it flatters my curves while camouflaging my slowly shrinking tummy.


If you haven’t noticed, I really like dresses. This dress from Milumia is an Amazon find from 2018, and I still have it! In fact, I sported this flowy dress for Valentine’s Day of this year. It looks great with a pair of flats.


It’s never too soon to start preparing for fall! I’m originally from the north, so Georgia winters are kind of a disappointment for me. While I might not ever see snow again, it does get chilly enough for cardigans! This cardigan by Grace Karin is my favorite! It’s warm, soft, and is the perfect length.


Last but certainly not least, this batwing tunic from Allegra K I bought back in 2016 and I still have it! I guess it could be considered a tunic if you’re shorter. For me, it hits just below the hips. It is a very flattering top with some stretch. Definitely worth investing in for the fall!


These are just some of my favorite Amazon finds. Make sure you carefully read the size guides and take your own measurements to ensure you pick the most accurate size. Happy shopping!

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