Natural ways to boost the immune system

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Natural ways to boost the immune system - The Hot Mess Press

Many people don’t realize how powerful the human immune system can be. Most healthy people can fight off common infections without needing expensive and potentially harmful mass-produced drugs. The problem is, that we are not taught natural ways to boost the immune system. Instead, the media bombards us with big-pharma advertisements telling about the miracles of these medications. When truthfully, these medications can often do more harm than good. There are many changes you can make in your daily life to help your immune system better fight off infections like the common cold, the seasonal flu, and yes, even COVID-19. So, why don’t health professionals promote natural immune boosters? Because they aren’t profitable to pharmaceutical companies.

Issues with antibiotics

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the use of antibiotics. The most important thing to understand is that they don’t fight viral infections, only bacterial infections. Antibiotics have been over-prescribed for years, especially in children. Parents often believe that every mild infection requires a prescription. But the over-use of antibiotics can be problematic. Antibiotics not only kill off the harmful bacteria. They also kill the good gut bacteria that help keep us healthy. A healthy digestive system allows your body to break down food and absorb nutrients efficiently. Foods like kefir, homemade bone broth, and raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar all promote a healthy gut.

Supplements and vitamins

The human body, and especially the immune system, thrives when it has the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Sometimes a healthy diet isn’t enough. Supplements can help boost your immune response when taken regularity. Homemade elderberry syrup is an excellent and affordable supplement that can be taken year-round or just during flu season. Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin B6 can also help reduce symptoms and make common illnesses less severe. Garlic, turmeric, and ginger may also help your body react to pathogens with a powerful immune response. It’s always best to eat plenty of whole foods that contain these nutrients. But if you’re deficient, supplements can also be beneficial.

Lifestyle changes

There are some basic lifestyle changes that can also strengthen your immune system. Getting enough sleep is important but it may be difficult for many people. It varies from person to person, but most adults need around 7 hours per night. Your body recuperates while you sleep which is one of the many reasons that rest is so important when you’re sick. Regular moderate exercise like walking, bicycling, or jogging 4-5 times a week can also benefit your immune system.

I’m not a health professional and am not trying to give anyone medical advice. But I do believe that we can often benefit from using natural healing methods before turning to mass-produce pharmaceuticals. My family uses natural methods to boost the immune system and these methods do work. We rarely get sick, and if we do get some type of infection it’s usually mild. I encourage everyone to read up on using supplements, vitamins, and natural alternatives to western medicine. It may go against what you’ve always been taught. But it will give you the opportunity to better understand how the immune system works. This knowledge can go a long way in keeping your family healthy.

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