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Summer is rapidly approaching. If you have any school age kids, you have likely been reminded of this fact since spring began to emerge. Working and stay-at-home parents are likely fretting over summer activities as I type this post. While kids need to learn to entertain themselves, it is helpful to have activities planned throughout the summer to keep kids busy and active. Some summer activities are expensive, but many are free.

Summer Camps

We live in an area with a prevalence of summer camps. Summer camps often fill the gap between school days for working parents. Summer camps give kids a chance to be with other kids and opportunities to try new activities that could not be achieved with a nanny or summer babysitter. Shorter summer camps are also offered for kids who have parents who do not work. The camps are anywhere from 1-3 hours and can be an expensive activity. The camps may help break up the summer break and give kids to try a new activity that they have not had the opportunity to explore.

Summer Passes

Several local businesses offer summer passes which can help make summer activities cheaper. We live in a large metropolitan area with no shortage of passes to places that offer passes like the zoo, amusement and water parks. In addition, we discovered our local bowling alley offers a summer pass that was really affordable. Are my kids star bowlers? Absolutely not, but we felt it is a good indoor activity for hot sweltering summer days. If we bowl once a week during the summer, the passes will easily pay for themselves.

Join a Pool or Swim Team

If you do not have access to your own pool or a community pool, consider joining a community pool. Pools in our area offer a nice reprieve from the heat of the summer and burn a lot of kiddos energy. Many neighborhood community pools offer guest memberships that can be purchased.

Many neighborhood pools also offer a summer swim team. It is an excellent and easy way to add a summer activity. You can read about the benefits of joining a summer swim team here.


Many movie theaters offer dollar movie days or discounts prior to a certain time of the day. Movies are an easy way to escape the heat and mix up summer activities. Thankfully, Hollywood releases many family-friendly movies in time for the summer break.


Need a good free activity? Take a picnic lunch or dinner at a nearby park. Kids will have a blast running around on the playground. For moms, the lunch or dinner mess stays out of the house.

Bike Ride or Hike

Find a bike path and take a bike ride! It is a great way to get in exercise with your kids. If you live in an area with active bike trails, adult bikes may be available to rent. No bike? Find a shaded path in a park and take a small hike. Kids are often easily entertained by a new environment and exploring the nature around them.

Need more tips on how to survive the summer with kids at home? Read this post.

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