‘New’ health tips: Wash your hands, duh

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Since you’re reading this, I’m glad to see you’ve been able to find a moment of respite in your busy day. You have no doubt been super busy this week driving around your town trying to find toilet paper and wet wipes. Perhaps, you’re also one of many parents who is currently working from home and sharing your ‘office’ with miniature-sized ‘co-workers’ (i.e. kids home from school) who also cannot report to their usual daily stations. You’ve likely also been inundated with so-called ‘new’ health tips that you’re supposed to implement during this national crisis to minimize the spread of contagious disease.

Has anyone else noticed that the ‘new’ health tips are anything but — new, that is? Talk about media-induced panic! What is the world coming to when “Wash your hands after using the bathroom” sounds like a novel idea? C’mon folks– really?! I can’t decide whether I’ve been sharing the planet with people who are truly so ignorant and dense that such announcements are, in fact, brand new health tips in their lives or whether some merely don’t recognize that they’re hearing the same-old-same-old in disguise.

‘New’ health tips that are really old

In addition to health tips recommending frequent hand-washing, which is not only old news but common sense to stop the spread of germs, the following list shows other no-brainer advice that’s been making news headlines of late:

  • Do not let other people drink from your same glass. This too, is a healthy safety precaution that’s anything but new. I suppose I should be happy that people are finally starting to take it seriously because maybe we’ll begin to see less cases of mononucleosis, meningitis and other illnesses, too.
  • If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, don’t be around other people. We’ve all read about the guy who knew he had it but went on a plane anyway, and only later reported his illness to the appropriate parties–bad form, dude, bad form.
  • Along those same lines, the not-new- ‘new’ health tips to help eradicate COVID-19 include warnings to stay home if you’re sick. DUH! The fact that some folks are acting like this is an innovative idea explains why, in years past, other contagious illnesses have spread so virulently.

Acting as though basic health tips that people with half a brain can figure out through common sense is rocket science is bad enough. We’ve also been given some hefty doses of false health tips as well, several of which are potentially dangerous, as in: life-threatening.

Health tips you might want to question

If you’ve stepped outdoors within a 5-mile radius of your home lately, you’ve likely seen someone wearing a face mask. Misguided health tips have convinced many people to tie bandanas or construction masks used for sanding and painting around their faces. The only problem is: Such masks do nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19. Pay close attention now. Carefully review the two items included on the following list and don’t fall for the hype:

  • Someone Tweeted that drinking a solution containing chlorine dioxide (i.e. bleach) will kill coronavirus bacteria. Yeah, well, here’s the thing: It will likely kill YOU, too!
  • Among other ridiculous, so-called health tips was one that went viral on social media that suggested snorting cocaine to kill the virus. This is b-a-d advice, not only with regard to the current national and world-wide health crisis but in general, as well. There is never a time when it’s a good idea to snort cocaine– Ever!

A word about bleach: Health experts have stated that, when properly diluted, bleach can kill virus germs on flat surfaces. Please — do not drink bleach and do not tell any other human being to drink it, either. Good grief.

Health tips that are not new but are indeed helpful

We’re in the midst of a national crisis. That’s a fact. Many of us are trying our best to adapt to new schedules and ways of doing things because circumstances beyond our control have sparked a sudden need for change. I leave you with a few ideas that may apply to your situation and may (or may not) be a source of support at this time:

  • Eat fresh, whole foods as much as possible (if you can find open stores that have some available for purchase).
  • If you return home from a crowded, public place, such as an airport, decontaminate by immediately taking a shower, preferably, before you hug your loved ones.
  • Drink lots of green tea or other herbal teas that are known to support and strengthen immune systems.
  • Many people use high-quality essential oils in diffusers to help purify the air in their homes or cars.
  • Use garlic in your recipes, even if you don’t like the smell. It has medicinal properties and is known to help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease, so — bonus.
  • Most of all, avoid fake news, be an independent thinker, use valid sources for research and don’t buy into the media-sparked pandemonium.
  • Praying is never a bad idea, to promote good health or for any pure intention. I adamantly believe that the more we pray, the sooner we will overcome our current troubles.

We all have reason to be concerned and to help each other as we’re able. I’m fairly certain that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to buy every last roll of toilet paper on earth, then ask reporters to come take our pictures while we drive to random parking lots to give it to people out of the beds of our pick up trucks. Not cool. We’re all in this together, though. If you do have health tips that you believe are beneficial to us at this time, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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