News: Is It too Stressful to Watch?

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Yesterday, my mom offered to turn on the morning news. I declined. We had 5 small children running around and there was plenty of noise. The truth is, I have not watched much news at all in the last year. Any news I see is something I happen across on the internet through other searches or by word of mouth by friends or social media. I am not sure that I am the only one avoiding listening to the news in the world.

It is Excess Noise

First of all, turning on the morning news was excess noise in our house. With three kids, attempting to listen to the morning news amongst the questions of the morning just added to morning stress. In addition, there are several things on the news that I am not quite ready to explain to my kids. Not every news story is kid friendly or easy to explain the evils in the world.


Honestly, the news adds to my own stress and I often find it quite depressing. There are horrible people in the world with hate in their hearts. Listening to the hate daily did not help me handle on my own anxiety. I find it extremely stressful to listen to the wrongs of the world that are out of my control.

All around me in my local community, people are dying of cancer, children have lost parents in tragic accidents and a food bank for those in our community that is hungry is a mere 6-minute drive meaning there are many right around me that need my attention. I cannot help some of those hurting across the world, but I can help some of those in my community.


The politics in our country angers me more than I can say. I cannot watch segments on politics. I feel there are wrongs on both sides of each argument and neither side will ever budge. Does it help me to listen to the daily arguments of opposing views? No. Just because I do not watch the daily politic updates, does not mean I am an ostrich with my head in the sand. I have discovered how to write my state representatives and senators to contact when I feel so compelled to help them understand how this one constituent would like him or her to vote.

Finally, most morning broadcast shows are selective in what they choose to broadcast. Celebrity happenings tend to dominate the morning news which is not necessarily important to my day or life. Why listen to a selection of news when I can access it myself when it is quiet and young ears are not nearby?

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