“Old geezers” share their infinite wisdom

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A reverend asked a group of seniors to share some of the lessons they learned throughout their lives. I believe that experience brings wisdom and valuable lessons. They ask nothing in return for sharing life lessons based on their experiences, triumphs and defeats.

Wisdom generations

The shared wisdom is non-restrictive

Too many people disregard the wise words of seniors, thinking, “what do the old geezers know? Modern life is different with different lessons to learn.” That is so wrong. These “old geezers” were generous with sharing and their wisdom is not restricted to only a few people. Essentially, the benefits are not out of the reach of anyone.

Book with good advice

The shared wisdom is free for all

There is no need for money to benefit from any of the lessons, nor is it only for the young and healthy.

King Solomon’s wisdom

In Ecclesiastes chapter 9, King Solomon says there’s always hope for a good life as long as you are alive. God want’s you to be happy and enjoy life. Furthermore, life will be short and difficult, so enjoy it and share it with loved ones. King Solomon also advised us to do everything we do at the best of our abilities because once we leave earth we will no longer work. All he asks us to do is to make the decision to live life to the fullest.

“Old geezer’s” wisdom

Wisdom dreams

No one is ever too old to hitch to a new dream. You can have several or one at a time. However, don’t wait for one objective to be fulfilled before choosing another one. You will miss so much if you cling to one dream that is out of reach.

Wisdom about dancing

Seniors dancing

Dance whenever you can, even without music.

Care for those who will care for you

Old frail man

Your employer or occupation will not care when you become sick and weak. However, your friends and family will care.

Build on the future

Wisdom forget the past

Do not let your past steal your future from you. Make your peace with your past and live your current and future with abandon.

Have a yard sale

House Yard sale

Don’t let unused stuff clog your life. If you don’t use something, get rid of it. Give it to somebody who would love to have it, or need it — give it with love. However, if no one wants it, have a yard sale.

Choose to be happy

Woman and Down daughter

It is never too late to be happy — the choice is yours.

Share your smile

smiling mouth

Smile at everybody, even those who don’t return your smile. Won’t it be nice if everybody who thinks of you sees your smiling face clearly in their mind’s eye? Likewise, when they think of you after your death.

Live to love


Another memory you would want to leave is that you shared your love when you were alive.

Bitterness steals happiness

Wisdom don't be bitter

Being bitter is a waste of happy-time.

Worrying spoils today and tomorrow

Worrying woman

Worrying brings no joy for tomorrow. However, it saps all the joy of today.

Use everything that is special to you

Woman dressed up

You are special and unique. Wear your best outfits and use the best linen and crockery. Burn those decorative candles tonight. Don’t leave anything for “Lovey” — or whoever takes your place when you die.

Take good care of the gift of life

People on beach at sunset

Last but maybe most important — life does not come with ribbons, bells and whistles, but it remains a valuable gift.

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