Once inoffensive words like housewife are now offensive

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Everything changes over time, even the words we use. Words that were perfectly acceptable centuries ago have become offensive. Social awareness of humankind has increased, and using the wrong term to express yourself could have you sleeping in the dog’s kennel. Although there are thousands of words that are no longer okay to use, I’ll remind you of the first one that comes to mind.

One of the words to avoid is housewife

Housewife is a word best cut from your vocabulary. Never refer to your mother or your friend’s mother as a housewife. The acceptable term nowadays is a stay-at-home mom or wife. The word housewife is no longer socially acceptable because it creates the impression that a wife is inferior to her husband.

In contrast, many stay-at-home wives have more daily responsibilities than their working husbands would ever have. Without generalizing, many men go to their workplaces and do their respective jobs. The tasks and responsibilities of a stay-at-home wife cannot be described in a single sentence.

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Describing a typical day for Mom takes many words

From the moment she wakes up, she is on duty. From before dawn until after dusk, she takes care of everything that happens — good or bad, anticipated or not. If she does not homeschool the kids, she sees that they get to and from school safely. She must be available to help with homework duties. Then there are the children’s extracurricular activities — often in opposite directions.

While all that goes on, she may not lose sight of the laundry, replacing lost buttons and doing minor mending. The stay-at-home wife must make time to do the necessary shopping for groceries and clothes the kids might need. The house must be clean and tidy at all times, and wholesome, healthy meals must be ready at dinner time.


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Hard-working, multitasking, versatile, responsible stay-at-home mom

When hubby comes home from work or after-work socializing, wifey must welcome him with a smile and provide his healthy, wholesome plate of food.

And still, her duties continue. While the children are small, she must bath them and get them ready for bed. Then she can take care of other small tasks she had not managed to do during the day. It would not be unusual if one of the children remember at this late hour that they have to take cupcakes for an entrepreneur’s day at school tomorrow.

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How does home executive sound?

Reading this might give you the impression that I hated my years as a stay-at-home mom and wife. You’d be wrong because my family treated me with respect and love any stay-at-home mom deserves. In fact, they referred to me not as a stay-at-home mom but as a home executive instead. I am also proud to say that both my grown sons treat their wives with the same respect. Sadly, not all moms and wives are fortunate enough to be treated with respect. I know because several of my friends were not as appreciated as I was.

Good grief, all I intended to write is that housewife is an offensive and derogatory term for a hard-working, multitasking, versatile, responsible stay-at-home mom. The other offensive words I wanted to mention will have to wait for another day because I am now bathing in happy memories from my years as a home executive.

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Those were the days…

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