One Small Victory for Life

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In the aftermath of some of the most devastating mass shootings this country has experienced, there has been an outcry from residents throughout much of the country for sweeping changes to the nation’s gun laws. In one student-led protest, the march on the nation’s capital was billed the March for Our Lives, which was a play on the historic March for Life, which has taken place annually since Roe vs Wade legalized abortion in 1973. Even though pro-abortion supporters thought the matter was settled, there have been recent actions taken by individual states to enact laws to provide at least minimum protections for the most vulnerable lives of all.

The last week of April into May has seen two states take action on separate abortion bills. The Iowa legislature just passed one of the most restrictive bills in recent history. Referred to as the “heartbeat bill” this measure will require an expectant woman to undergo an ultrasound exam when she is requesting abortion services. If the examination detects a heartbeat form the fetus, then the abortion will not be carried out. During fetal development, the heartbeat is usually detectable by around six weeks of age, therefore, many babies are hoped to be saved from being aborted at an early stage of the pregnancy. In general, many women do not even realize that they are pregnant until around this stage, meaning that by the time they may suspect that they are pregnant, it will be too late to seek an end to the pregnancy.

The bill has passed both house and the Iowa governor is expected to sign the bill into law within the next few days. Abortion advocates have already announced their intentions to block the measure by filing a lawsuit against the state. They have effectively killed other similar measures passed in other states through this means.

South Carolina lawmakers recently refused to pass a law that would have placed limits on the procedure in their state. The billed was killed and sent back to the sub-committee in an effort to save it from a filibuster by opposing lawmakers. This bill would have restricted access to most procedures except in the cases of rape or incest.

Many lawmakers who are advocating for these types of restrictions have expressed the hope that lawsuits by Planned Parenthood and other groups will ensure that the issue will be brought before the U.S. Supreme Court once again. The current composition of the judges would possibly allow for an overturning of the Roe V. Wade decision.

Other states have tried and failed to pass laws that attempted to preserve the right to life for the most innocent and helpless of all creatures – the unborn baby in the womb. Sadly, due to the horrific shootings that have stolen the lives of innocent school children and concert goers, the senseless violence of these depraved individuals may help reawaken the nation’s awareness of the fragility and preciousness of every life – both born and unborn.

Writer Bio:  Angela Mose

I am a mom of 7 who has successfully homeschooled for 20 years.  I was married for more than 25 years and have recently started my life over. I have a passion for writing and music and when the two can be combined, it is utopia.  A Maryland native, I am planning to relocate north in the near future and will continue to strive to learn and experience new things on a regular basis. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home while exploring new ways to increase my knowledge and skills and help improve the lives of those around me.

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