Online skincare horrors: Are you a victim?

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There is no shortage of online skincare offers. A Google search returned, “About 294,000,000 results.”

Nielsen, an American information, data and measurement firm operating in over 100 countries, says Americans love buying beauty products online. In fact, Nielsen’s data shows annual spending by U.S. online skincare shoppers over $12 billion. Mostly without knowing much about the products they order.

What makes online skincare dangerous?

Federal agencies do not typically screen or test skincare products for approval, except medical-grade beauty care products. Safety testing of cosmetics usually follows reported cases of harm caused to consumers. The web is full of faulty advertisements, counterfeit and risky products sold to unsuspecting consumers. However, in many cases, consumers receive products that are different to what they advertised. The danger multiplies if the client is unaware of the counterfeit products. This happens when the seller fills containers with substandard, often dangerous products without indicating the true contents on the labels.

Proof of online skincare scam

SkinCeuticals, a leading medical skincare provider, with clinical evidence of its quality products, tell a horror story. The company spent millions on buying their own products online. They focused on products advertised under their name and had them clinically tested in a laboratory. When the results came back, 99% of those products contained untested, counterfeit and impure ingredients. As a matter of fact, the contents of some containers, with SkinCeuticals labels, were entirely fake.

Potential problems with fake online skincare products

The biggest problem is being unaware that the product you received is not real. Without a quality guarantee, you will have no recourse if you suffer chemical burns on your face. Furthermore, exposure to extreme temperatures can affect the chemical balance, making it dangerous to use on your skin. The containers might contain products that have expired, and packing might have taken place in unsanitary conditions. Also, some online consumers received empty bottles — at least they will not suffer skin damage!

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Victim of skincare horror?

How to avoid health or skin harm

The best advice would be to avoid buying skincare products online. However, quarantine and other reasons might be valid reasons for some consumers. To avoid fake products containing harmful chemicals and substances, place your order directly with the manufacturer. You will never know what you get when you order skincare products from a third-party. Experts say most online skincare creams are nothing but low quality moisturizers, regardless of what suppliers promise.

Online shopping temptations

The number of internet sites offering online skincare products grows every day, most of them unauthorized. They tempt consumers with false promises about miracle treatments at low prices. When times are tough, people fall for these money-saving offers. However, subsequent medical treatment for chemical burns or other damage will cost much more than the money saved on the online scam.

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