Only in America: Concerned parents are compared to domestic terrorists

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Only in America: Concerned parents are compared to domestic terrorists - The Hot Mess Press

The decline of the school system in America has been going on for decades. With the hiring of “woke” teachers and the increasing power of teacher’s unions, parents are quickly losing the ability to have any say in their children’s education. Homeschooling is always an option. But it’s not for everybody. So, if you want your kids to get a good education in public school, you have to stand up against those in power who are pushing a political agenda. From an extremist gubernatorial candidate in Virginia to a group that labels parents as domestic terrorists, it’s becoming more clear that the government is after our kids. It sounds extreme. But, if you take a look at the evidence, it’s obvious.

Parents losing control of educational choice

In Virginia, 2021 is an election year. We’re choosing a new governor this year and one of the candidates, Terry McAuliffe, recently made an alarming statement about his beliefs on parents’ rights. During the September 28th gubernatorial debate, the question of parents having a say in library resources was brought up. Mr. McAuliffe had vetoed a bill in relation to that issue. When asked why he said he didn’t think parents should tell schools what they can teach. Our elected officials seem to have forgotten their purpose. They are there to do the will of their constituents.

School board group comparing parents to domestic terrorists

One group representing school boards even wants parents who oppose the schools’ political agendas to be labeled as domestic terrorists. This is a very serious accusation and could lead to some severe consequences if parents were labeled as such. The NSBA wrote a letter to the Biden administration asking for help from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. This seems quite extreme. Parents want to know what’s going on in schools and they have the right to speak at school board meetings. The reason it has become such a problem is that so many parents are becoming aware of what is actually happening in public schools on a daily basis. And they are not happy about it.

Our current administration includes an Education Secretary who doesn’t believe parents should be the primary stakeholders in their child’s education. We have governors and other elected officials who feel the same way. They have let their power go to their heads and have forgotten their purpose. Government officials are there to do the will of the people. With schools, that means listening to concerned parents and taking action when it is needed. Parents can win this fight. As a parent, you are always the number one teacher in your children’s lives, no matter where they go to school. Stand up and take back the American education system before it’s too late.

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