Playgrounds, kids

Playgrounds battle Playstation and Xbox

Oh! How I miss the sounds of children having fun at playgrounds. Video games have taken over. Children seem to have lost the ability to just play without holding a game controller. I recently managed to convince my grandkids to go to a public playground...

re-opening schools, teacher stooping by student's desk in class

Re-opening schools: Another COVID-19 hot topic

There has recently been an almost constant flutter of online discord and debate regarding a COVID-19 related issue. People are talking about re-opening schools, and, as has been the case with most COVID-19 issues, there are myriad opinions circulating the globe. In the United States,...

homeschooling, woman standing behind girl sitting at computer

Homeschooling lifestyle vs quarantined schooling

As spring 2020 unfolded, many families in the United States were thrust into unfamiliar learning environments. The sudden, unexpected change occurred when state governments mandated a shutdown of all schools because a virus was spreading throughout the country. The situation led to a massive scramble...

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The Happiness Press - SCIENCE!
Amy Tallmadge

The Happiness Press: SCIENCE!

One of the greatest things humankind ever did was get interested in the world around them and how it works. Scientific advancement has helped people improve their lives, sometimes