Pandemic nursing home scandal: Cuomo and others could face charges

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Pandemic nursing home scandal: Cuomo and other could face charges - The Hot Mess Press

The survival rate of COVID-19 is significantly higher than the mainstream media tells you. But it’s still a serious concern for people in certain groups. Data shows that seniors can be particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, especially those in nursing homes. A family expects the best care possible when they decide to place a loved one in an assisted care facility.  Nursing homes have constant access to health care professionals. So, there is no reason for a pandemic to get out of hand. That is unless a governor uses their power through emergency order to knowingly place infected individuals among healthy ones. Most facilities did everything possible to keep residents safe. But governors put innocent lives at risk. Now, the truth about the pandemic nursing home scandal is coming out and these governors may face criminal charges.

Governor Cuomo is facing simultaneous scandals

You may have heard recent stories about sexual misconduct allegations against New York’s Governor Cuomo. Many news outlets are reporting these allegations. But the public needs to know about another scandal involving Governor Cuomo. We should take sexual harassment allegations seriously. But they can’t be used as a distraction. Cuomo’s orders put a lot of nursing home residents at risk.  These emergency orders caused many deaths. Is the sexual assault information being used to hide the truth about how he completely mishandled COVID-19 all over the state of New York? Governor Cuomo allowed infected people to be placed with healthy residents. Then, he and his staff tried to cover it up.

Other governors are also guilty

Governor Cuomo is not the only one to be implicated in the pandemic nursing home scandal. Four other governors approved similar actions. These actions put vulnerable people at risk and likely killed thousands. The list includes Newsom from California, Whitmer from Michigan, Murphy from New Jersey, and Wolf from Pennsylvania. Each of these Democratic governors signed similar orders to allow infected people back into nursing homes. They signed these orders without making sure that the facilities were prepared to deal with infected individuals. This directly led to the infection of individuals who were otherwise relatively healthy. These governors are responsible for the deaths of thousands of vulnerable individuals. Families want these elected officials to be held responsible.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been eye-opening. It has shown us how the media manipulates information. The pandemic has also shown us how divided we are as a country and that many of our elected officials are corrupt. The pandemic nursing home scandal revealed that some governors around the country have no concern for those in the most vulnerable groups. Signing orders to allow COVID-19 positive patients into a nursing home with relatively healthy individuals was a death sentence to thousands. We need to hold these governors responsible for their actions. Families expect their loved ones to have the best care in these facilities. But even the best health care professionals can’t help their patients when the governors are so careless.

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