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Facebook fact checkers have been getting on a lot of people’s nerves lately. Obvious attempts to target, flag and censor conservative-based posts and label anything that doesn’t fit a leftist narrative seem to have sparked a grassroots rising or exodus, if you will. More and more people are saying “So long!” to the Mark Zuckerberg owned social media platform in favor of a free downloadable app called “Parler.” In fact, so many people have grown tired of reported free speech violations on Facebook and switched to Parler that it recently achieved number one status in the world for free downloadable apps! IN. THE. WORLD!

Parler launched in 2018

Two men, John Matze and Jared Thompson (both from Nevada) founded Parler in 2018. In June, 2020, New York Times best-selling author, political analyst, former U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino jumped on board as a co-owner. Bongino was quite outspoken that he was taking an ownership stake in the company to help fight “Tech Tyrants” who were violating First Amendment rights by censoring people on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Lauding Parler as social media that protects free speech, Bongino and partners have received overwhelming support from conservatives such as Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and attorney, author and radio personality Mark Levin, who have been encouraging people to leave Facebook and Twitter and follow them on Parler instead. In addition to Parler, MeWe is another fairly new social media alternative that prides itself in true diversity and free speech for all.

Millions of users are joining the Parler scene

The rather sudden and drastic increase in subscribers on Parler has soared to approximately 8 million. This is obviously still a small number compared to 2 billion users on Facebook. However, Bongino and others  are quite confident that this is merely the beginning, and as more and more people become fed up with censorship and fact checkers, Parler numbers will continue to climb.

Former Speaker of the House Gingrich says he himself has been censored on Twitter. Many people were shocked when President Donald Trump was also censored and one of his posts flagged for supposedly violating Twitter policies against violence. These types of incidents are occurring frequently nowadays, and the more often they occur, the more people are ditching Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and signing up on Parler, MeWe and other social media platforms that are committed to honoring free speech.

Navigating the learning curve on a new platform

I opened accounts on both Parler and MeWe. MeWe has been around about five or so more years than Parler. It has no ads, doesn’t share personal data and does not censor its users. Parler, on the other hand, will be enabling ads says CEO John Matze. The difference is that ads will target influencers with a large reach rather than the platform itself. Using a new app like Parler can be tricky. Thankfully, there are posts like this one to help us.

Matze says he believes people are tired of being told what they can say or not say. They’re willing to have conversations with people whose opinions differ from their own. Matze believes his app brings people together in a non-violent social media setting where they can spread love and can trust that their posts won’t be censored if they say something the powers that be don’t like. Parler owners say their app takes a stand against Technofascism.

Are you tired of content curation, manipulative algorithms based on date mining and agenda-driven fact checking? Have you joined Parler? Have you deleted your Facebook account? Why or why not? Have you ever considered disconnecting from social media as a fast or permanently? We love interaction here at the Hot Mess Press, so let us know your thoughts on this hot topic!


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