Patients are being “murdered,” NYC nurse says

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A nurse who is working amid COVID-19 patients in a New York City hospital says some patients aren’t dying from the virus, but from medical mismanagement and alleges some patients are being “murdered.”

The nurse, a Nevada resident, traveled to New York to offer help during the pandemic and in a recent YouTube video, she alleges some patients in the inner city hospital in which she is working are dying needlessly. Most patients are from minority groups and she believes many are not dying directly from COVID-19.

Has tried to advocate for care

In her tearful post, the nurse said that “nobody is listening, they don’t care what is happening to these people, they don’t.”

She also said she is watching people being “killed” every day and every day nurses try to get patients off ventilators by weaning them off sedation, but every night resident physicians come in and max those patients’ sedation levels again. There is still a 100% mortality rate in the ICU at the hospital in which this nurse is working.

The woman has tried to appeal to hospital management as well as to advocacy groups and the media, but she says either her phone calls aren’t being returned or what she is saying is falling on deaf ears.

She says when she has tried to advocate for her patients, they take the patient out of her care and move her to another unit.

“It’s like going into the fucking twilight zone,” she says in the video. “Everyone here is OK with this … what I need is someone to help me save these people from being killed from gross negligence and complete medical mismanagement.”

She appeals to those watching the video: “can someone come up with a solution for me because I’m kind of out of ideas?”

There are other nurses, she says, who agree with her that patients are being murdered, but they say they can’t save everyone.

“Am I the only one who is not a sociopath?” she asks, tearfully. “To think that this is OK? They literally don’t even know when they’re dead,” adding they have assigned her a deceased patient several times.

Major issues

Here are just some of the alleged issues she cites:

  •  Staff not using stethoscopes to assess lungs;
  •  Patients not being given proper medications when needed causing organs to shut down;
  •  Patients being intubated improperly;
  •  Doing chest compressions on patients who don’t need it.

All COVID-19 patients

Every patient the nurse has taken care of has been admitted with COVID-19. She says she knows not every patient is going to live, but these people aren’t dying from COVID and cites several examples.

“An anesthesiologist intubated the patient’s, I think it was the right bronchi of a patient, and they couldn’t get the stats up for about five hours and we were waiting on a chest X-ray to confirm that the placement was wrong,” she said. “In the meantime while we were waiting for that we told the anesthesiologist that it was placed wrong because literally only one side of his fucking chest is inflating. He dies.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 has killed more than 67,000 people in the U.S.

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