Peaceful moments: Ways to find them in a busy life

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Peaceful moments, rolling dough

Let’s be real. If you were to run into a friend at the grocery store, you might ask how she’s been. Chances are, she’ll answer by rambling off a list of activities she’s trying to juggle or health issues that are challenging her or a family member. When is the last time you remember enjoying peaceful moments in a typical day? When is the last time you recall a friend answering your “How are you?” question by saying, “Fine, thank you. I’ve been enjoying peaceful moments in life today and I hope you have, too.”

Nowadays, I find that peaceful moments catch me off guard. They arise unexpectedly and strike me as something bordering miraculous. I’ve been brought close to tears when blessed with such serendipity. Thinking back, most of these wonderful, seemingly perfect, splendid moments occur in very ordinary ways.

Peaceful moments are usually sans electronic devices

Most of us are plugged in for most of the hours in an average day. I know, I know. You need to be. You’re a mom-preneur who is running two or three side hustles in addition to your ‘regular’ duties. Clients need you. Your kids need you. Your spouse needs you. Everyone needs you, so you have to be accessible 24/7.

Okay, remember that earlier in this post, I said, “Let’s be real.” The truth is that no business is so important that you can’t set it aside now and then. Also, people will live without you for a few hours. They really will. Peaceful moments are much more easy to discover when you create an atmosphere that welcomes them. Staring at your cell phone every second of the day isn’t going to cut it. Turn it off for a while.

Simplicity and peaceful moments go hand in hand

Have you ever baked a loaf of bread? Rolling dough and enjoying a freshly baked loaf’s aroma as it wafts through your kitchen is heavenly. It’s difficult to not have peaceful moments when you’re baking bread. I’m not sure if pioneer women found baking bread as peaceful as I do. After all, they basically had to do it every day, often standing by scorching hot fires in tremendously uncomfortable, heavy clothing.

Perhaps, they still felt at peace as they sliced into a warm loaf and slathered it in butter that a child had just churned. You might enjoy baking something other than bread. The point is to take some time away from the cacophony of daily life to enjoy stirring, mixing and creating something yummy in your own kitchen.

More ways to create peaceful moments

As a woman of the 21st century, you likely appreciate the convenience modern appliances and advanced technology provide. I mean, why do dishes by hand or hang clothes outdoors on a laundry line if you can stuff them into an appliance and hit a button to start? Have you ever stood outside in early morning hours though? Warm sunlight on your shoulders. Birds chirping. A chipmunk or squirrel scampering nearby. Peace and quiet, even if you live in the city.

Hanging laundry on an outdoor line creates peaceful moments. Maybe you don’t want to have to solely rely on this task to be the only means you have for drying clothes. In the crisp autumn air, when you choose to do it, you might find respite in your busy life. I recently discovered that I love being outside all alone. A few years ago, my kids hung a porch swing in the woods as a Mother’s Day gift. Some of my best peaceful moments are spent on that swing. Whether I’m praying a rosary, sipping morning coffee, reading or just observing nature, it refreshes my soul.

Don’t expect peaceful moments if you never slow down

It has become trendy for women to brag about how busy they are. Many proudly proclaim via social media that they do not want to “be still” because they are aggressively chasing their dreams, fulfilling their passions and shaping their futures. The problem here is that God Himself has instructed us to be still. (Psalm 46:10)

If we never slow down, we can’t expect to find peaceful moments in life. Busyness and peace are not compatible. Chaos and never-ending activities are the antithesis of peacefulness. The enemy wants us to stay very, very, very busy. In fact, he wants us to be so busy that we can’t think straight because we then become more vulnerable to his traps and snares. You make the enemy nervous, frustrated and angry when you create peaceful moments in your life.

Set goals for peaceful moments

Peaceful moments are just as important (if not more) than your business ventures and myriad mom tasks that you heroically perform each day. Why is it that we don’t applaud such moments? Oddly, many of us look down upon women who make quiet, peaceful time a priority in their lives. What are we afraid of? Do we really think our businesses will crumble if we take a half hour to light a candle and soak in a hot tub with some lovely essential oils? Will our spouses and children become instantly destitute if we take a walk or sit on the porch for an hour? The fact is that nothing bad is likely to happen if we power down our cell phones and leave them in a drawer for a couple hours. The emails, texts, memes, videos and news headlines will all still be there when we get back.

Ask yourself the same question in reverse. What might happen in your life if you have zero peaceful moments? For one, your physical,  mental and spiritual health might suffer. That’s reason enough to create a list of things you think will help you find peaceful moments. Set weekly goals, such as unplugging and doing something peaceful three times a week. You’ll be glad you did.

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