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Some people are absolute dog lovers, and some prefer cats. Others, like me, love them both. In which category do you fall? The international pet-sitting app, Rover, surveyed pet owners to see how cat and dog owners differ. Interestingly, they determined that the survey clearly indicated little difference in pet owners’ traits regardless of preferences. Their report highlights five characteristics shared by cat and dog lovers.

Pet owners name their pets

Pet name tags


Of all the survey participants, both cat and dog owners, seven in 10 said they named their pets. Furthermore, many people indicated that their pets also have nicknames — some have as many as five nicknames. Most often, nicknames are variations of the pets’ given names. Some say cherished cats and dogs just beg for endearing nicknames.

Whom do pet owners greet first?

Pet owners welcomed by dog

Who is first to welcome you home after work or even after running a quick errand that took no more than 10 minutes? Don’t feel guilty if you greet your pets before your family members. Obviously, if your family comes running up to you like your dog or hugs you in the way your cat rubs its body against your leg the moment you get out of the car, they would be the first ones you greet, right? Almost 70% of both cat and dog owners greet their pets before the rest of their families.

Pet owners sacrifice their sofas and beds

Pet on sofa

More than 61% of cat and dog owners admitted to allowing their pets to take over their sofa or bed. Most of the participants also indicated that they spoil their pets, and forcing them off is tough. Moreover, even the fact that the furniture is covered with hair is acceptable. After all, we knew about the hair problem when we first got our cats or dogs.

Do you sing to your pets?

Woman singing to dog

Cat owners seem to be more likely to sing to their pets. According to the survey, 70% of cat owners serenade their pets. However, dog owners are not far behind, with 63%. Essentially, a pet audience will never judge your ability to stay on key or frown when you get the lyrics wrong. Some pet owners even make up their own unique songs to share with their cats or dogs.

Cuddle time is essential

Woman cuddle cat

This one showed the same results for both cat and dog owners, with most survey participants indicating they spend between one and two hours cuddling their pets each day. Essentially, spending time snuggling up to pets is more than enjoyable. Studies have shown that it brings happy feelings to both pet and owner. Indications are that such interaction causes the bodies of both to release oxytocin. It is a hormone linked with trust, affiliative feelings and other positive social behavior.

Bottom line, regardless of whether you prefer canine or feline pets, you are not much different from the other side. Regardless of your preference, as long as you always have the lint roller at arms length, you’ll be good to go.

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