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My idea to give my living room the once-over led me to 10 amazing apps to plan and design interiors like a pro. Every day I come across apps for just about anything I can think of. Learning how to do things in the old-fashioned practical trial and error way is long gone. I no longer have to practice something new over weeks or months until I’ve honed the necessary skills. All there is to learn nowadays is how to work the apps.

It amazes me that anything I can think of to look for on Google takes me to more information than I could have wished for. Today, I looked for ideas on redecorating a living room, and what I came across needs sharing.

My search took me to apartmenttherapy.com, and an article describing the 10 best apps to do just about everything for me. Not only are they inspiring, but they are perfect for the DIY designer without unlimited funds and very little experience.

At this stage, I want to credit Julia Brenner, a writer and editor living in Chicago, and the creator of the awesome article about the apps. They promise to take the guesswork out of room design. You can test different color schemes. Some have links to stores so you can choose furnishings for your room to consider in virtual reality or order online.

MagicPlan App
Credit Apple

Design floor plans with MagicPlan

With MagicPlan, app users with limited experience can use their photographs for creating floor plans. It requires no measuring or drawing, and you can create layout plans quickly. However, its interiors are less detailed than some of the other apps.

Room Scan Pro
Credit Apple

Design floor plans with Room Scan Pro

Imagine merely holding your phone up to the wall to have the app scan the room’s circumference. Although it appears as if using the app takes some learning, it is still better than having to do a course in interior design! It has a video tutorial to take care of how to use the app.

Floor Plan Creator App
Credit Apple

Design with Floor Plan Creator

Reviews of this app say it is ideal for gauging how your furniture preferences will fit in your room’s specific dimensions. The detailed floor plans you can create is in 3D, which is helpful when you go furniture shopping.

Design Planner 5D
Credit Planner 5D

Design Floor plans with Planner 5D

You can use this app to sketch your dream house or dream room in HD renderings. Furthermore, you have a choice of more than 4,000 furnishings for decking out your rooms. However, some of the items are premium and only available as in-app purchases. The good news is that they offer “Daily Rewards,” with which you can unlock more items.

Room Creator App
Credit Apple

Room Creator for designing room layouts

This app is free on Android, although in-app purchases are available. This fantastic app allows you to design the interior layout of your room in less than 15 minutes. All you need to do is enter the room’s dimensions. You can then create floor patterns, add decor, test and choose wall colors. Reviewers found the no-nonsense interface and easy navigation praiseworthy.

Amikasa Design App
Credit Apple

Amikasa — award-winning app for room layouts

Amikasa won the Webby Award for Android and iOS. Its interface promises to be aesthetically pleasing. It has proved to be almost entirely mistake-proof, and you can furnish your spaces with real-brand home decor and furniture. Additional cool features include a virtual walk-through that allows you to “feel” the room. You can even share it on social media for the input and advice of your friends.

Home Design 3D App
Credit Apple

Home Design 3D room layouts

This app has a free and Gold Edition at a nominal price. Reviews praise this app for being user friendly and having awesome detail. You could even print a 3D version of your design off-line if you have the latest app version.

Design Rooms App
Credit Apple

Rooms for fun and easy room designs

This fun app is free on iOS for playing with various design and layout ideas. After entering room dimensions, you can change wall colors, flooring and different layouts of furniture. You can alter scales, and although reviewers say the app is easy to use, some had crashing problems. However, a newer issue claims to have fixed the bug. Also noteworthy, you can only save your room designs after upgrading to a $3 version.

Design for IKEA Room Planner App
Credit Room Planner

Room Planner: Design for IKEA

Next time you see an IKEA product that seems to be made for you, use the Room Planner app and go place it in your virtual room. You can set up your space to scale in the app’s 2D platform and then take it one step further to the 3D mode. You can set the room up with your own walls and then place that IKEA piece in your room to see the effect. Similarly, the app has furnishings of other stores with which you can play around. One option is to start a room or a bunch of them from scratch and use them as templates, ideal for that house under construction. The app has different versions, but the standard one is free.

Design Decor Matters App
Credit Decor Matters

Plan your rooms play-play on Decor Matters

If you are a gamer and an aspiring decorator, this app is for you. Room planning is a game with different levels, virtual coins and leaderboards. They even award special badges for participation in challenges. However, the app is not limited to those who like gaming and social competing. Using a virtual room template, you can design a room from scratch or pay a small fee to upload your real-life spaces using augmented reality. You can even get inspiration by browsing other users’ boards and rooms. Additionally, if you see furniture pieces you like, you can order it online through this app.



There you have it, no more excuses. Who knows designing and planning your own spaces might even lead to an income opportunity.

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