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If you’re not listening to podcasts what are you even doing with your life? OK, that was a bit harsh. I’m sorry. But for real, I’ve got podcasts constantly playing. When I’m doing dishes, cleaning the house, running, driving, anything that involves even the smallest amount of physical effort. Going through the mail I’ve ignored for a week? Better put on a podcast! And I think I’ve narrowed down some of the best podcasts for curious people.

Podcasts used to be fairly niche. They are now so popular that you literally cannot go on the internet without some random person in the comments section begging you to listen to their innovative commentary on Irish potato dancing. Don’t fall for it, it is 100% a trap. And by trap I mean not worth your time. Sorry not sorry Irish potato dancing podcasters.

Podcasts for Economists (Or People Who Use the Economy)

Tired of hearing about the economy? Ready to run out of your house screaming if you have to listen to one more news analyst give their take on the state of the economy? Can’t even stand to read the word economy? Freakonomics Radio will change all of that. Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner make learning about the economics of sports, creativity, and so much more actually fun.

If their once-a-week episodes aren’t enough for you, you can always check out one of their books.

Podcasts for Food Lovers

Ever wanted the down-low on okra? The history of candy corn? Need a regular refresher on your favorite cocktails? Then Savor is right up your alley. Hosts Anney and Lauren explore “the science, history, and culture of food and drink,” all with a fairly large dose of food-related puns.

Savor releases around 2 new podcasts a week, so you’ll always have plenty of new food content to look forward to. Pro tip: Listen to these while you’re cooking dinner, because you will get the munchies halfway through.

Podcasts for the Generally Curious

Love getting knowledgeable about virtually any topic on the planet? Then honey you need to subscribe to Stuff You Should Know, like, yesterday. Hosts Josh and Chuck have been at this game for a long, long time. They kicked off their popular podcast back in 2008, so rest assured that even if you love to binge podcasts, you will never, ever catch up. Hibernation? They’ve covered it. The Great Stink? They’ve covered it. Emojis? Yep, they’ve covered it.

Stuff You Should Know puts out two, full-length podcasts every week. These generally range anywhere from 30 minutes all the way up to an hour, and you can also count on at least one “Short Stuff” episode per week, which will be about 15 minutes long. Still don’t have enough to listen to? The SYSK Select episodes come out every Saturday.

Still curious? Love Queer Eye? Can’t get enough of Jonathan Van Ness? Then you need Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness in your life. If you’ve ever wondered what defines a cult, how we use language, or what the heck we should be using for skincare, this podcast has you covered.


You can expect about one podcast a week from the lovely Jonathan Van Ness, but with all of the other new podcasts you’re listening to, who has time for anything else?

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave school, so load up your favorite streaming service by subscribing to these great podcasts for curious people and nourish your passion for life.

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