Politicians Mourn a Tragic Loss in Utah

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He was a 39-year-old man who was married to the love of his life. Together, they had seven children. He was the mayor of Salt Lake City and he also happened to be a member of the Utah National Guard. On a recent Wednesday, hundreds of military servicemembers lined a path as the remains of Major Brent Taylor were brought back to the United States from Afghanistan and carried to his final resting place in the town he had committed his life to serving.

The world of politics is often a knock-down-drag-out drudge arena where It’s every man for himself and the blows hit as low as needed to make a point, make a profit or win an election. Many people have a very low opinion of politicians in general and say they wouldn’t trust one to save their own lives.

Major Taylor was different, however. Wherever he went, however he served, people loved him. His most recent deployment to Afghanistan included training a commando for military battle. He had no way of knowing that the man he was training would suddenly turn his weapon on his instructor. He shot and killed the military intelligence officer, thus activating shockwaves of grief that traveled around the world.

The major’s wife said her husband died doing something he believed in and felt called to do. She said his death is not vain. She and her family members told reporters that they have no regrets and that they respect and honor their now-deceased loved one for trying to bring freedom to others.

Political news is often wrought with contention. This week, politicians, soldiers and U.S. citizens throughout the nation joined together to grieve the unspeakable and tragic loss of a great man, a man whose memory will be forever-cherished, honored and shared by those who were blessed to know him.


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