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Have you been a victim of porch pirates? If not, you might think porch piracy is not a real problem. However, a survey done in the insurance industry revealed that about 26 million Americans nationwide had been victims of package thieves. They say dozens of YouTube videos are available online, showing doorbell camera footage of suspected thieves.

Will you be a porch pirate victim this year?

‘Tis the season to be careful. Porch piracy is rampant in the time leading up to and during the holidays. A survey by the home security company, Cove, revealed that more than one-third of all stolen packages occur throughout December. In comparison, about one in five packages disappear in November, with much lower numbers throughout the rest of the year. Furthermore, surveys show that packages sitting outside front doors of apartments are more likely to disappear than those at freestanding homes.

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Looking at the numbers of reported porch piracy incidents in Denver, the Denver Police Department saw an increase of 68%. That represents the increase from 421 such thefts in 2015 to as many as 708 in 2018. Most importantly, Denver Police say that cops hardly ever get clear descriptions of the pirates meaning they can only solve approximately 7% of these thefts.

Amazon services to protect clients from porch pirates

It is in Amazon’s interest to protect you and other clients from becoming porch pirate victims. Reportedly, the company handles over 50% of all the online purchases across America. For instance, one option is to register for an Amazon locker. They will ship your goods to one of the secure lockers in your city. The service is available in 900 cities nationwide, typically in kiosks near high traffic areas. You will receive a security code to retrieve your parcel.

Anyone can use the locker service, but in addition, Prime Amazon customers can use the Amazon Key service. This electronic lock system enables the company’s delivery personnel to leave packages in your house, garage or even the trunks of select model cars.

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More ways to prevent your packages going to porch pirates

Choose your workplace as a delivery address if your employer approves it.

Ask a neighbor who is at home during the day to receive the package on your behalf — for a return favor, of course.

Doorbell cameras and systems that alert you of anyone’s presence at your front door might deter porch pirates.

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Use other delivery company services

You can pick the date and time that would suit you to receive your package delivered by UPS for an additional fee.

You can also choose to leave your package at UPS locations and stores for you to collect when it suits you.

The U.S. Postal Service will also hold your package for collection or even redirect the delivery.

FedEx has a similar service, by which you can arrange to collect your package at a Walgreens store or other specified location.

If you have an account with any of these delivery services, you can ask them to advise the delivery time.

Most importantly, now you know, and you can arrange the safe delivery of you packages. That way, you can make sure you are not a porch pirate victim this year.



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