Potty training your puppy the easy way

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Potty training your puppy the easy way - The Hot Mess Press

One of the most stressful parts of bringing a new puppy into your house is getting them potty trained. Some dogs catch on quickly while others may struggle. Your most important job when potty training your puppy is to stay consistent. While you will likely have good days and bad days, and you may experience some setbacks, you can get it done. The following tricks and hacks can make the entire potty training process easier on you and your pup.

Quick cleanup

No matter how consistent you are with potty training your pup, you’re still going to have some accidents. Puppies can be specific about where they like to potty and I’ve found that many of them prefer to go on a rug rather than the hard floor. When we have a new puppy in the house who isn’t fully potty trained, I always pick up our area rugs to remove the temptation. I also like to keep cleanup supplies in all the rooms of the house where the puppy hangs out so I don’t have to rush to find it every time there is an accident. An enzyme cleaner is great to have on hand for removing smells and stains. Baking soda and vinegar can also be used to clean up puppy messes.

Use a schedule

Puppies generally need a potty break every 1-2 hours, especially when they’re young. It’s important to watch your puppy for cues that they need to potty and keep them under near-constant supervision. Take your puppy to the designated potty spot after each meal and nap. If you’re consistent with taking your puppy out as soon as they wake up and directly after every meal, they will catch on much more quickly. Choose an easily accessible potty spot and use the same spot each time. Dogs are motivated by scent and will learn to recognize the potty area after a short time.

Common setbacks

You may see puppy pads as convenient, and they can be in some circumstances, but they can also confuse your pup. Unless you plan on using puppy pads as a long-term potty solution, it’s best to avoid them. Once a puppy learns to go on the pad, it can be hard to transition them to going outside. When your puppy has the inevitable accident, don’t use punishment. It can cause them to be fearful and try to hide from you when they need to go. Positive reinforcement with treats and praise is the best way to keep your puppy on track.

Supervision and consistency are the most important things to remember when potty training your puppy. They will have accidents so it’s helpful to keep some cleaning stuff within reach in the rooms you and your puppy spend the most time in. Punishment for accidents usually leads to setbacks so it’s better to use praise and treats for successful outdoor potty time. Your puppy will thrive off of praise and will be much more receptive to the potty training process if you keep a positive attitude.


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