Quarantine: What’s it taught you about yourself?

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This post comes to you during a national (global, really) crisis. We’re about three weeks or so into the COVID-19 prompted quarantine. Millions of people have had to learn to navigate their daily lives in ways much different from their typical routines. Whether you live alone or with a spouse and several children, you’ve no doubt been getting to know yourself a bit better these past few weeks. Did you cringe when you read that because you haven’t liked some of the things you’ve learned?

It’s okay. You’re definitely not alone in your struggle. I keep thinking about soldiers who have been in combat. They often judge a fellow man’s character by determining if the person in question is someone they’d want to have in the trenches with them. Thankfully, we the people of the United States, are not currently in a battlefield foxhole (at least, most of us aren’t). However, being under order (or strong recommendation) to not leave our homes unless absolutely necessary sparks many challenges in life.

Has this happened to you during quarantine?

Families are comprised of human beings with faults. Perhaps, you’re not used to being with your loved ones 24/7. When you suddenly and unexpectedly have to do so, it’s like adapting to a whole new lifestyle. Maybe you’ve discovered that you and another family member don’t always get along. You love each other. You count each other as blessings in life, but you’re just not used to spending every waking moment together. Whether sibling rivalry has set in or a parent and child are finding themselves frequently at odds, it’s to be expected under the circumstances.

I read that the divorce rate in China skyrocketed when COVID-19 struck. That made me sad. If the current situation is placing a strain on your marriage, try to give each other a little space. Whatever you do, please don’t make a life-altering decision during a national crisis. This quarantine and situation is temporary. Try not to let things you say or do under pressure become determining factors in your relationship.

Maybe quarantine has brought hidden blessings

Being confined at home might not be all bad. I keep telling my kids that attitude is everything. We can be “stuck” at home or “safe” at home. I prefer the latter. In fact, you might be one of many people who have found they are enjoying solitude, quiet time, time to pray and time to rest. If you’re a medical worker or on an emergency response team, you might not relate to any of that. If that’s true in your case, then, we thank you for your service.

Maybe you’ve learned that you actually enjoy your own company during quarantine. If you usually leave your home early in the morning and return at supper time or after, you might find this time to yourself refreshing. At first, you may have felt anxious, like there are important things you’re supposed to be doing but can’t. It’s okay to let yourself enjoy the unexpected down time.

Were you taking your ‘outside’ life for granted?

During quarantine, you might start missing the world outside. That job you always complain about? It might be looking pretty good by now. Your busy schedule that makes you tired at the end of every day? Being a shut-in can help renew a spirit of gratitude, can’t it? Okay, so maybe you don’t miss bumper to bumper traffic or red lights that seem to last for an eternity. Is one of the things you’ve learned about yourself that you enjoy going to work each day? Remember that, when you finally get back to the grindstone!

So many people are seriously ill right now. If there’s someone in your family suffering from COVID-19 or another illness, we’re sorry to hear that. Truly sorry. Is everyone in your household and family and inner-circle healthy? That is definitely cause for rejoicing! Quarantine has a way of reminding us what a precious gift good health is in life. Take advantage of your time at home to think more about your health.

Have you discovered that you resist authority?

How did you feel when you learned that you were not supposed to leave your house? Maybe you heard it on the radio or read it in the news, online. Perhaps, you listened to your state’s governor give a speech. If you’ve been feeling resentful or angry about the quarantine orders, you might not like other people telling you what to do. Especially, if you’re used to being in a position of authority in your daily life, this situation might be quite challenging for you.

If you’ve been feeling like you want to go where you want, when you want, you might be learning that you don’t like someone else being in charge. Even if it’s for the common good, it can be difficult to accept another person’s or group’s authority.

What else have you learned during quarantine?

Maybe you’ve discovered a creative talent you didn’t know you had while you’ve been home the past few weeks. Have you struck up a new hobby or read a great novel? Drop a comment and let us know what you’ve been up to and what this experience has taught you about yourself!

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