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Where we live, the temperature has finally dropped and fall has begun. It also means that all the fall and winter clothes have to be brought out of storage and sorted. The changing of seasons and sorting of clothes is of one of my least favorite seasonal tasks to do, but it is necessary. Stuck inside with a mild cold last week, I tackled the dreaded chore for my three kids and my own closet.

If you do not pack away your seasonal clothes twice a year, you might want to read why it can be beneficial. For some like me, it is essential to provide plenty of closet space in our non-walk in closets.

It can help you purge: It is a good time to purge the items you never wear. Going through a closet twice a year should eliminate some items from your wardrobe. By the time I sort through all my kids’ clothes and tackle my own clothes, I grow tired of the process. Because I am typically tired, I tend to be quicker to decide if clothing or shoes should stay or go.

It can help create space: Removing clothing that can only be worn in the warmer months can make it easier on a daily basis to find cold-weather clothing. For individuals who have massive walk-in closets and the ability to leave all seasonal clothing unpacked year-round may want to organize by seasons to make the clothing needed easily accessed.

It can keep clothes clean: One of the main reasons I like packing my seasonal clothing away is to help keep dust off the clothing. Where we live, we typically only wear sweaters four months out of the year. If I leave them sitting on a shelf the other 8 months, they are sponges for dust throughout the rest of the year.

It can help you find money: Again, if you are going through clothing twice a year, it forces one to have a good hard look at all the clothing items stored in a closet. There is a large market for good second hand clothing through consignment stores, Facebook Marketplace, and online forums such as Poshmark that make it easy to earn a little cash for clothing that has been not worn and/or barely worn.

It can remind you of what you have: I can never remember year-to-year what I own. Sorting through seasonal clothing may remind me of a favorite piece of clothing that has been forgotten or helps me prevent wasting money for buying additional similar items to what I already possess.


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