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Some people really have an inherent gift for interior design. It’s amazing to watch such people go to work. They waltz into a room, take a look around, then, VOILA! Several hours or days later, it all looks amazing. Some of us tend to struggle when we redecorate room. By struggle, I mean, we do not have a single drop of professionalism or “the gift” in our blood to undertake the task. We basically have no idea what we’re doing.

If you’re in this camp, there are several tips to keep in mind before you redecorate a room. Before we get to that, let me just say up front that this post is merely intended to be an in item of interest, which shares information and ideas. It is not professional advice, and The Hot Mess Press is not responsible for any decorating mishaps or damages that occur if you choose to implement the ideas in this post. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk more about things to keep in mind when redecorating, when you’re not a professional decorator.

Don’t redecorate a room without taking a thorough inventory first

Times being what they are, most people are trying to save money nowadays. When you redecorate a room, it’s easy to wind up spending far more than you’d intended at the start. That is, if you’re not careful. Remember to take stock of what you already have on hand, before you spend even a single penny at the store for the upgrade.

Don’t just take an inventory in the exact room that is being redecorated. Take a general inventory of what you have throughout the house because you might be able to make use of something that’s been in the back of your closet for months. Or, you might be able to move an item from one room to the other. Always have a good idea of what you have before shopping to redecorate a room.

Create a plan before you redecorate a room by asking questions

The following list provides examples of questions to ask yourself before you start working on a room redecoration project:

  1. Do I want to focus on a particular area or object and build a design around it?
  2. What is the overall feel/style/tone/ambience I hope to accomplish in this room?
  3. Do I need to measure anything before making a purchase?
  4. Is the room used mainly for pleasure or does it have a specific function (like a kitchen or bathroom)?
  5. What is the total budget I have to work with to complete the project?

If you think of additional questions, simply add them to the list. Take your time. Think ahead, and create an overall plan for your redecoration project before you get started on it.

If you want to try something daring, go for it

Part of the fun when you redecorate a room is that you basically have a clean slate and can create something new or enhance what’s already there. It’s entirely up to you! Something else to keep in mind is that you might enjoy the project more if you resist the temptation of being “too careful.” The old way of decorating (I.e., sconce on left, painting in middle, sconce on right) is outdated. Unless, of course, you really love that style, then it’s perfectly fine. When you redecorate a room, think it of as an art project, which means, there’s no “right or wrong.”

Beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder. It’s your room. Decorate it however you want! If you want to step outside your comfort zone, say, by adding brightly colored pillows or painting an accent wall or door a bold color, then go for it! If you wind up hating it, you can always change it, later. However, try to leave it be for at least 30 days before deciding whether to keep it or start over. One thing you might want to do when decorating at home is to avoid trending designs. Trends fade quickly. You might love it while it remains popular but then what? Once the trend dies out, you’re stuck with the same look.

When you go shopping, choose numerous places

Design experts say that, if you purchase all of your items from the same place when you redecorate a room, you might end up with something that feels more like a showroom than your personal space. You can avoid this consequence by shopping around for the items you need. You might even scour some second-hand or thrift shops in your local area, especially if you’re going for a retro look in a particular room.

The point is, variety is good, mixing and matching (colors, textures, styles) is also good. Visit numerous places and choose items from multiple sources that go well together. When you redecorate a room, especially if you’re upgrading more than one room at a time, try to keep in mind that numerous rooms might be visible at once, depending on the layout of your house. You might want to carry over a particular color or texture or style from one room to the next to add fluidity throughout. Finally, if you have redecorating tips for those of us who really don’t know what we’re doing, we’d love to hear about them!

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