Resource officers removed from schools: The anti-police mentality

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Resource officers removed from schools: The anti-police mentality - The Hot Mess Press

There is an increase in uprisings against the police due to recent events. The result has been general mayhem at so-called peaceful demonstrations. It’s understandable to be angry at individual police officers who abuse their position. But the public can’t assume that all officers are bad based on the wrongdoings of a few. Police forces around the country are filled with good people who are trying to do their best in difficult circumstances. One of the most disturbing effects of the anti-police attitude is the call to have resource officers removed from schools. Communities need to give serious thought to the consequences of removing these officers. Children’s safety will be at risk with no officers on campus ready to respond to danger.

What happens if resource officers are removed from schools?

The nationwide average police response time is around 10 minutes. This response time varies depending on the area, the call priority, and the size of the police force. But imagine there is a shooting or another emergency at your child’s school. What happens if emergency responders can’t reach the school for 10 minutes? A lot of lives can be lost in that amount of time. One of the solutions to this problem is to have resource officers present during school hours. An on-site resource officer can better understand the situation in a much quicker time. Plus, these officers know the layout of the school which helps them reach the emergency quickly.

Are your kids at risk?

A few cities and towns around the nation have seen a recent push to remove resource officers. However, it was just a few years ago when many of these same places were adamant that schools need a police presence. So what caused the shift in thinking? The media frequently sensationalizes stories on police violence towards civilians. This is one of the main causes of negative attitudes towards police officers. The mainstream media often skews data on police brutality. It’s easy to adjust numbers to give your desired result and some media sources use this to their advantage. Always do your own research. Stay updated if you’re concerned about losing resource officers in your child’s school. Check with your school board and the elected officials in your area to inquire about plans to remove resource officers.

People are understandably angry about the abuse of authority by some police officers. But the thought that all police officers are corrupt is unreasonable and short-sighted. Resource officers are an invaluable tool to deter violence and mitigate potentially serious problems in schools. Removing these officers from schools is a dangerous reaction to the trendy anti-police movement. Those in charge of our schools need to consider the dire consequences for students and teachers. If a violent event happens at school, think of what could happen if there is no officer there to respond. Remember that you do have a say in what happens at your child’s school. Stay updated with current information so you’re aware of any plans to remove resource officers.

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