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Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a corporate executive, a fledgling entrepreneur or something in between, chances are you are a busy person who wouldn’t mind taking a little time off to recharge your batteries.

Have you ever considered planning a Day Retreat for yourself? For starters, since you are the architect of this soon-to-be fabulous day-of-respite, you need not worry about scheduling conflicts, monetary expenses or who’s going to watch the kids. Right from the get-go, you can plan a day that is perfectly suited to your individual needs and desires.

Just what does one need to make a Day Retreat great? The following ideas might inspire you, but really, every retreat is unique and the way you spend yours is entirely up to you!

Some of the main purposes/goals behind a Day Retreat are:

  • Silence (Psalms 46 says, “Be still and know that I am God”)
    It’s difficult to hear God’s voice if we never stop to listen.
  • Stillness (See Psalms 46, again!)

It feels good to simply “be” rather than “do” all the time. We’re so used to rushing and going and existing in perpetual motion that it almost feels foreign to stop and embrace the simplicity of “being still”; but, it’s usually well worth the effort.

  • Clearing the Mind

A Day Retreat is a great way to clear out those cobwebs and work through the cluttered thoughts that keep depriving you of sleep at night.

  • Relaxation and Restoration

Everyone needs a break, sometimes. It’s nice to “chill”, to relax, to restore our minds, bodies and souls and gain a new perspective.

And, now for some of the things that might help you plan your special day:

  • A quiet place to rest (naps are encouraged on this day!) and pray (a room, a chapel, the woods, the beach, a cabin…or, a little bit of each)
  • Candles, Incense, Essential Oils & Diffuser, Bible, and other spiritual reading materials or audios
  • Music (Liturgical, Chant, Classical, Sounds of Nature, etc…)
  • Simple fare to eat (fruits, nuts, homemade bread, cheese, etc…and some fresh water with lemon or tea to drink)

Crafting a simple itinerary helps add structure and a peaceful rhythm to your Day Retreat. Decide ahead of time, what time you will rise, rest, pray, eat, attend worship services, go for a hike, etc…

The choices are practically limitless with regard to the finer details of your day of rest. It can be as simple or creative as you like. The point is to set aside a 24-hour period (or, longer!) to “retreat and recharge” so that you can nurture your mind, body and soul, regain some of that lost energy, get re-connected with God and give thanks for the blessings in your life.

Whether you spend your Day Retreat alone or with one, two or more people is entirely up to you. We all need to “hit the pause button” once in a while. And, who knows? You might enjoy it so much that you’ll make it an annual (or semi-annual, or monthly) tradition!

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Judy DudichJudy Dudich resides in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania, where 24 acres of land and a home-office provide the perfect setting for her children’s home-education and her own homesteading and business ventures. Life is full of blessings (and challenges!) for Judy, as a wife, mother of 10 and Grammy to six. She is a published author, whose book, “I Surrender/A Study Guide for Women” continues to encourage and support others in Christian family lifestyles throughout the world. Judy has also previously worked in the online speaking circuit. Her passion for permaculture, re-purposing, foraging and organic gardening fills her days with learning and adventure that she loves to share.

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