BREAKING NEWS VIDEO – USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Did NOT Recant – Says Washington Post Story is a Lie

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WATCH as Richard Hopkins calls out the Washington Post for publishing a false story:

Much of America has been riveted to the events surrounding claims of election fraud in the Nov. 3 election and when the Washington Post reported that Richard Hopkins (one of the USPS whistleblowers) had recanted his allegations of fraud, the mainstream media ran with that story and we saw headlines and news reports aplenty.

But last night, Hopkins told the world, on camera, that he did NOT recant, shining a massive spotlight on the allegations that have been mounting against mainstream media for several years now.

Will the Washington Post recant? Will the other outlets? What exactly does Hopkins’ affidavit say? Apparently, we’ll learn more today. We will update this article as more information comes in.

Additionally, an organization called Project Veritas also published recordings of what they claim is coercion — You can hear that recording HERE.

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Richard Hopkins Did Not Recant

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