Ruined summer vacation? Alternative ideas for family fun

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Ruined summer vacation: Alternative ideas for family fun - The Hot Mess Press

Summer vacations are the highlight of the year for many families. But 2020 has ruined summer vacation plans for a lot of people. If your summer vacation has been canceled, there are still ways you can enjoy the warm weather without traveling far from home. Get creative with your vacation budget and use it in a different way to give your family something to look forward to this summer. There are plenty of fun things you can do at home or nearby places that don’t require long stays, flights, or other complicated travel plans.

Ruined summer vacation? Alternative ideas for family fun-The Hot Mess Press

Go camping

Camping is an affordable way to vacation. You likely have campgrounds within a reasonable drive from your home. The great thing about camping is that you can enjoy the outdoors while safely distancing your family from crowds. Most campgrounds are located close to local areas of interest like parks, lakes, and historical sites. A quick online search can help you find campgrounds close to your home with the amenities you need to keep your family occupied. A backyard campout is also a fun way to spend a weekend. Plus, you have the convenience of being close to your kitchen so you can grab snacks anytime. If you have money saved that was intended for use on your summer vacation, you can put that towards a tent, a fire pit, air mattresses, and other things you need to make your backyard ready for camping.

Ruined summer vacation? Alternative ideas for family fun- The Hot Mess Press

Take a road trip

One of the safest ways to travel for a family vacation is to take a road trip. Road tripping with young kids can be challenging but if you’re prepared with snacks, entertainment, and fun destinations, you can have a cheap summer vacation that the whole family will enjoy. When you plan your road trip be sure to know which gas stations, restaurants, and rest areas are open so you have a route that gives you accessibility to everything you might need. Be aware that masks are required or recommended in some areas. It’s also helpful to keep sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer in your car so you can kill germs after pumping gas and making other necessary stops.

Summer vacations give you the opportunity to spend time with your family. But the current recommendations can greatly limit your options when it comes to travel. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy vacation time with your family without straying far from home. Camping is a great way to disconnect from technology and enjoy the outdoors. You can even camp in your own back yard. Road trips provide an excellent way to see safely see the sites for another budget-friendly vacation. You can also visit places of interest that are close to your home to explore new areas with your family. Ruined summer vacation plans give you the option to try something new.

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