Safety issues regarding COVID-19 injections

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Millions of people are declining the Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 injections that the Biden “administration” is promoting. Sadly, many people who have received one or more doses of any of these shots have suffered serious, adverse effects, including death. We’ve featured numerous articles that are relevant to this topic, such as this one and this one. Becoming as well-informed as possible regarding safety issues associated with these injections is part of “informed consent.” Some people merely take the word of the government or mainstream media without vetting what they say.  There’s strong evidence that certain people with specific agendas have acted nefariously through fearmongering and coercion to promote a global injection campaign.

Doctor Vladimir Zelenko is a credible source regarding COVID-19 treatments. He and several other prominent physicians have expressed grave concern about numerous safety issues associated with the Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson injections. Dr. Zelenko recently gave an interview that is more than an hour long but definitely worth your time. If your goal is to be informed so that you can make a decision based on all available facts, you’ll want to listen to what Dr. Zelenko has to say. He himself cautions against listening to his interview and taking him at his word. Instead, he recommends doing research to prove his credibility and to properly vet the information he is sharing to try to protect people from harm.

Dr. Zelenko says one of the safety issues with COVID-19 injections is that they are not approved

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko interview — click this link at your convenience to watch the full interview with Dr. Zelenko. One of the important safety issues he mentions is that none of the COVID-19 injections are FDA-approved. Those promoting the shots have tried to say that the so-called “emergency authorization” that was granted to make the injections available to the public is the same as FDA approval. It is not. That is simply not true.

It should be duly noted that a typical vaccine takes approximately 10 years to develop and gain FDA approval. These injections were being shot into the arms of people throughout the world in less than one year’s time. Those who want to base their consent on facts should also note that these injections are NOT vaccines nor do the manufacturers claim that they are. There is a global experiment taking place in which many human beings are voluntarily participating. Shockingly, there have been videos posted online of forced injections, as well. If such videos are factual, it is a horrific thought!

COVID-19 injections are not medically necessary, another of many safety issues

As Dr. Zelenko explained in his interview, if the U.S. government is going to promote injections that supposedly prevent or help overcome illness, there should be an evident, medical need for doing so. Accurate documentation shows that nearly 100% of people who contract COVID-19 fully recover without complications. Dr. Zelenko made a point to mention that he would much rather his children get COVID-19 than influenza because the latter is much more dangerous.

These statistics prove that there is no medical necessity to develop injections to prevent or overcome COVID-19. In the least, it is a waste of taxpayer dollars, as well as researchers’ and manufacturers’ time and effort. At worst, people are receiving unnecessary injections that carry many unanswered safety issues. This means that many people who receive the shots may be at risk for severe illness or worse in the months and years ahead. If they would have declined the injections, they might have much less risk for severe illness and COVID-19-induced fatality.

Human beings are not meant to be walking spike protein factories

The Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson injections coat the inner-lining of virtually every cell in the body with spike proteins. Dr. Zelenko says to imagine these proteins as microscopic thorns — trillions of them. There are numerous safety issues and concerns involved here. For one, mRNA (which is the primary component of the shots) has NEVER been injected into humans — NEVER EVER BEFORE. (Hence, the reason Dr. Zelenko and thousands of other physicians say that, because there’s no way of knowing what the outcome might be, it shouldn’t be done.)

Dr. Zelenko suggests reviewing animal studies that have been done in the past. The results are concerning. Most animals who were challenged with the virus after their injections did not survive. Translating this to the human experience, it means that because people receiving mRNA injections literally become walking spike protein factories, their immune systems will not fare well if they contract COVID-19 or other common viruses in the future. Data shows that there will be a high risk of death in such cases because their immune systems will over-react and attack their own bodies.

Should we trust people who have publicly promoted depopulation agendas?

Bill Gates isn’t a medical doctor nor is he a scientist. Klaus Scwab is an economist and engineer. Yet, these two men (and others who share their opinions) are primary promoters of COVID-19 injections. Why should that concern you? According to Dr. Zelenko, there is a plethora of documentation available proving that these men and others working alongside them have directly or are connected to people who have publicly stated that they are avid supporters of depopulation agendas. Dr. Zelenko said the facts have shown that these injections and the promotion and coercion surrounding them are a recipe for genocide.

Among numerous safety issues already mentioned regarding global COVID-19 injections, the fact that powerful, wealthy people who are avid supporters of depopulation are promoting the injections should give the average person pause for concern. The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) is a government website that publishes data regarding negative reactions to the injections. Only 1% to 10% of adverse reactions are reported there, however. It should also concern people that the government voted to NOT have any other data collection systems in place for the COVID-19 injection experiments. This means that VAERS is the only official data collection site available. People visiting the site will want to review the data, then multiply accordingly to estimate truer statistics.

Heart attack, stroke, blood clots, full body tremors, hemorrhage and death

More children have already died from COVID-19 injections than from the virus itself. Many airlines are telling people who have recently had a jab NOT to fly due to high risk of blood clots. Hundreds of thousands of adults and children have suffered serious adverse health events after receiving COVID-19 injections. These reactions include cardiac arrest, stroke, hemorrhage of uterine lining, seizures and more. More people have died within three months of receiving these shots than ALL recorded deaths in the history of vaccination in the United States. Think about this! It is an alarming statistic!

The good news

If you listen to Dr. Zelenko’s interview, you’ll learn about numerous remedies that have proven to be highly effective in combating the negative effects of COVID-19 injections. There’s also helpful information on how to prevent the virus and how to treat it in its early stages for the best recovery results.

Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Conduct adequate research from credible sources. Keep researching until you feel fully informed on all safety issues and aspects of the topic. Then, and only then, freely consent to or decline the COVID-19 injections.

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