Salt lamps: beneficial or bullcrap?

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salt lamps: beneficial or bullcrap?, salt lamp

People will go to great lengths to create a calm and peaceful home, workspace, or study. Among the popular calming décor trends are air-purifying plants, uplifting quotes on canvas, and salt lamps. Do salt lamps really have calming abilities though?

Do not lick lamps

The first time I’d ever heard about salt lamps was during my very short stint at a call center. An employee a couple of cell blocks … I mean cubicles, down from mine was showing off her new desk lamp as I happened to walk by. Supposedly, salt lamps promote a calming environment as if such a thing could possibly exist in such a depressing atmosphere as a call center. My first question was, however, if it tasted like salt.

Licking inanimate objects isn’t a normal pastime for me, but when you have a giant chunk of salt on your desk, it sparks curiosity. My question, though absurd, was answered over instant messages a few minutes after I got back to my desk. Am I proud that I inspired someone to lick a lamp? Yes. By the way, don’t go licking lamps. I mean…salt lamps don’t get very hot, but it’s still not the brightest thing to do (pun intended.) Salt lamps might bring you a good laugh but are they truly as calming as they’re proclaimed to be?? Unfortunately, the available information on these lights are limited.

Salt lamps are claimed to improve your mood

Salt lamp enthusiasts claim that these tasty lamps improve depression symptoms. They believe the lamps emit negative ions which have a positive impact on people’s moods. In one study, people with chronic or seasonal depression experienced an improvement in their symptoms when exposed to high levels of negative ions. This study, however, had nothing to do with salt lamps. Nor do we know what level of ions these lamps emit (if any.) It is unlikely that these lamps are capable of emitting the necessary ions to be of any benefit.

Salt lamps may improve sleep

According to Sleep.org, “red wavelengths of light are most conducive to sleep. Try installing red (or even pink) bulbs in your bedroom.” Since most salt lamps are a pink or salmon hue due to the level of rust within, they may prove to be beneficial to your sleep. Carefully read the warning label first and choose a lamp that is intended to be left on as a night light. You won’t get any rest if your house catches fire because you bought the wrong type of lamp. Safety first.

Beneficial to your decor

Although there is barely any research on the supposed benefits of salt lamps, one thing is certain; they are aesthetically pleasing. Each chunk of salty glowing happiness is unique and can mingle with most of home décor styles. Whether they’re beneficial to your health is unclear and unlikely, however, they do add a nice touch to your living room.

The information provided in this article is not intended to substitute for medical advice from your provider. Any information within this post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Also, don’t lick lamps, salty or otherwise.

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