Say “No” to vaccine mandates

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Say "No" to vaccine mandates - The Hot Mess Press

The Biden administration seems to lack a basic understanding of the Constitution. They have plans in the works to require employers to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for all workers. Don’t be mistaken. This action is not legal and they have no authority to do so. Vaccine mandates go against the basic human right of body autonomy. The United States is at the precipice. The freedoms we have enjoyed are quickly disappearing. Our government is heading towards a totalitarian dictatorship with Joe Biden and his handlers at the helm. But it’s not too late. The American people are resilient and powerful. And now is the time to fight back against vaccine mandates and other types of government overreach.

It’s not about vaccines

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that the COVID-19 vaccine has not been proven safe or effective. Even if you’re happily vaccinated, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. If COVID-19 vaccine mandates are enforced, it opens the door for the federal government to mandate other medical treatments. They may decide that someone shouldn’t have children which would mean forced sterilization. Or, they could force people to participate in medical trials against their will. This is a very slippery slope. And it won’t stop there. Once we give up our right to make medical decisions, what other rights could we lose?

Exceptions to the mandate

One of the most interesting facts about this proposed mandate is that it seems many government officials, including members of Congress, are exempt. They have a choice. But the average American worker doesn’t? If your employer plans on mandating the vaccine, know your rights. If you are against forced vaccination, don’t quit. Let your employer fire you. This gives you the option to take legal action. Those in power believe that they can break people down to the point they just give in. But that’s not true for people who have strongly held beliefs against taking this shot. By standing together with others who hold the same beliefs, you have a better chance of being successful in taking legal action against your former employer. Also, religious exemptions are always an option. This site explains how to file for an exemption.

This is not the time to back down and give up. The proposed actions of the Biden regime go beyond mandating vaccines. This is a way to see how far they can push the American people. It’s a control tactic. Even if you’re already vaccinated, you need to realize how this may affect you in the future. A federally mandated vaccine can lead to other federally mandated medical treatments. This vaccine may not be safe in the long term. We just don’t know. This uncertainty of effectiveness and safety means that no one should be forced or even coerced to take the shot.

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