Secrets to a happy marriage: Kiss, a lot!

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Are you in the middle of your having-babies-raising-a-family-building-a-career phase in life? If so, you might think it difficult to imagine being married more than 50 years.  After all, you’re just trying to make it through this day, right? You no doubt have high hopes, however, for finishing the journey right alongside the one with whom it all began. The sweet couple in this video are going to share their private secrets to a happy marriage. Listen up, because they have a lot to say!

Aren’t they somethin’? What were your favorite take-aways from this little advice session?

Here are my top four:

Kissing a lot is good

This is one of the top secrets to a happy marriage, says this couple. Did you die when she said he’s always after her body? Her hubby adamantly stated, several times, that we should be kissing our spouses every single day, and especially, most importantly, before we go to sleep at night.

Have fun together

This is also one of many valuable secrets to a happy marriage. Life gets tough, and I’m certain if we were to ask this couple about their journey, they’d be able to tell us of some hard times, some relationship challenges and some sorrows, but they always kept each other laughing.

Shake it, baby

These beautiful golden agers say that shakin’ bootie is part of their secrets to a happy marriage! I know 30-year-olds who say they’re too tired to stand, much less boogie-oogie-oogie with their honey baby. We can all learn a thing or two from these lovebirds, and also break out some KC and the Sunshine Band to put on our “boogie shoes”!

Be nice

It’s that simple. This sweet lady who only has eyes for her man says spouses should be nice to each other, all the time, every day. The hubby in this clip said sit beside each other and talk it out if there’s a problem — don’t stay angry.

There you have it! We have revealed the secrets to a happy marriage because we want you to be able to celebrate 50 years together and more! Now, go and share this post with your spouse, as well as with all the married couples you know! In fact, why not just share it with everyone, married or not, because this couple is SO CUTE!


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