Selling a Home: 5 Tips for Parents

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Selling a home is hard work. Our home just went under contract in less than two weeks. In those two weeks, we had one Open House and approximately 23 private showings. We have 3 kids and a dog, and we about lost our minds.

This is our second time selling a home with kids and a dog in tow. Home selling is not a fun process with or without kids, but kids certainly make the process more challenging. Here are a few tips that may make it easier.

Pack Toys

Store as much as possible, especially toys. Selling a home is a great time to evaluate the number of things accumulated including toys. Toys that are great to pack away are any that contain lots of little parts such as toy kitchens and its play food, puzzles, legos, blocks and cars. Toys with a lot of parts can make a big mess fast and can be time-consuming to clean up for a last minute home tour.

Of course, leave some toys unpacked. Identify baskets, drawers or other places where they can be quickly stored. Kids can survive with only a few toys, and they may surprise you with how well they can.

Clean Out Cabinets and Closets

It may seem counterintuitive to clean out the places that will hide all of the things in your home, but buyers will look in your closets and cabinets. In addition, creating space behind doors will provide a place to properly put away shoes and toys to keep the house show ready.

Have a Plan for Pets

Allowing a pet to remain in the home for home tours is not safe for a pet, and it can be a deterrent to future buyers.  In our first home listing, our neighbor was able to assist us with our first dog. In our most recent listing, our dog hung out at the home we were preparing to move into. Other homeowners report boarding their pets or asking family members to temporarily house beloved pets. Whatever you do, do not forget to scoop the poop in the yard.

Occupy your Children 

Studies, doctors and experts all inform parents to limit screen time. Screen time assured us that our kids stayed in one place and did not pull out many toys while we were cleaning. Save screen time for an hour before showings in order to clean up. Just before leaving, make one last walk through the home for stray toys or missed messes.

Eat Out When Selling a Home

Budget for extra meals out of the home. Eating out will save the headache of cleaning the kitchen and a plan for showings that occur at dinner time. In addition, your kids may see it as a treat.

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