Senator Rand Paul makes the most sense

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Senator Rand Paul, Statue of Liberty

Just when many people were starting to restore a sense of normalcy and routine back into their daily lives after a year of unnecessary lock-downs and mandates, the extreme leftists are ramping up their game. News headlines are sparking fearmongering among the masses again, talking about Delta variant and other COVID-19-related issues. Nancy Pelosi wants everyone to wear a mask on Capitol Hill — oh, except herself. Mainstream media news anchors are talking about vaccine passports and keeping kids home from school. The propagandists are coming on strong. I even saw a Tweet where a leftist extremist suggested lining all people who decline the experimental COVID-19 injections up before a firing squad. In the midst of all the chaos and ridiculousness is a sound voice, speaking wisdom, knowledge and truth — Senator Rand Paul.

Senator Paul published a video recently that got him banned on YouTube and other sites. By this time, if you’ve been doing real research and staying updated on corruption and censorship, you know that being banned means he was telling a truth that intimidates and worries the extreme leftists. It’s difficult to argue with Senator Paul’s statements; that is, if you actually do research and pay attention to real science. It’s worth considering some of the statements he made as we gear up for a new school year, head back to work and look toward the future in America.

Masks do more harm than good, especially to children

Senator Rand Paul encouraged people to go maskless at all times, no matter which government officials mandate otherwise. He reiterated that science proves several things. One, masks do nothing to prevent the spread of a virus. Two, the human mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of the body and wearing a mask causes all sorts of nasty bacteria to build up and be ingested, placing people at high risk for self-inflicted infections. Also, many children, especially those with special needs who must be able to see a person’s entire face in order to function, feel stressed, confused and upset when their teachers, coaches and friends are wearing masks.

Senator Paul mentioned that the child suicide rate has increased four-fold in the past year. This astounding rate of increase should cause everyone to pause and reconsider whether the measures that have been taken thus far have been helpful or harmful. The senator believes that most of the mandates have been harmful. I stand in agreement with him.

Senator Rand Paul is a medical professional by trade

In case someone reading this is under the impression that the senator doesn’t know what he’s talking about, it should be duly noted that he is not a career politician. By trade, Senator Paul is an eye surgeon. He is also well-versed in immunology and virology. So, yes, not only does he indeed know what he’s talking about, he can speak to both the medical and political sides of the issue. Senator Paul says that no one should comply with the recommendations or mandates of Anthony Fauci, the CDC or any other government official or institution that says that people should wear masks, quarantine themselves, keep kids home from school or require a COVID injection to board an airplane, stay employed, serve in the military or avoid other restrictions.

The truth is out there for anyone who is seeking it

At the start of this politically-motivated, so-called pandemic, it was difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. It’s no longer such. There are thousands of pieces of literature, scientific studies and personal testimonies of professionals with science or medical degrees, as well as everyday citizens to prove that there is NO reason to wear a mask or get a dangerous injection because of a false threat regarding a virus with more than a 99% recovery rate.

The truth is out there, and many professionals have come forward to share it. In addition to Senator Rand Paul, this doctor gave a powerful testimony recently:


The doctor’s presentation aligns with everything Senator Rand Paul has stated time and time again.

In another state, an experienced physicians assistant who works in immigration and has treated many COVID-19 patients, has this to say:

Many people believe that freedom is hanging by a thread in the United States of America. Senator Rand Paul, Doctor Dan Stocks, Miguel Escobar and thousands of other licensed scientists, medical professionals and others have done their best to awaken people to the fraud that has occurred and to a nefarious agenda that is being perpetrated against the world. Will you continue to bow to tyranny and comply with unjust, harmful mandates? Or, like these brave men, will you say, “No more!” ? Are you an independent thinker? Are you willing to defend freedom as protected under the U.S. Constitution? Will you stand in agreement with Senator Rand Paul and others who say the time has come to let your voice be heard?

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