Shouldn’t All Children’s Best Interests Be Considered?

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It’s been a rough week, politically, in our nation. That seems to be par for the course these days, however. This week was different though, because the topic of contention pertained to children. Whether or not you’re a parent, thinking of children suffering typically evokes strong emotion. Noone wants children to suffer except those who are monstrous or evil in their intentions.

The recent debate had to do with children being separated from the adults accompanying them at U.S. borders. Notice I didn’t say “being separated from their parents.” The term “adults” was inserted intentionally to make my first point: not every adult accompanying a child at a U.S. border is the legitimate parent of the child.

Most people, regardless of political partisan, agree that our country is in a tragic state if families are being ripped apart because of legal issues. What was most frustrating to me is that whenever I would discuss the topic with someone who was extremely vocal against the current presidential administration, he or she would inevitably say there is never good reason to separate children from parents. I would then ask the person to propose an alternate solution to a problem where many children are in grave danger because they are being abducted and/or smuggled into the United States against their will. How are officials to determine who is a legitimate parent and who isn’t if they do not first place the children in a separated environment so they can determine the answer?

Not a single person I asked was able to offer a concrete suggestion, except my high school English teacher, who suggested half-way houses because they are less like prisons and more like homes. However, when I said that her idea places children at risk because they may wind up being housed with their abductors, she did not offer additional recommendations.

I understand outrage over children needlessly suffering. This brings me to my next point: What about the children who have suffered permanent separation from family members who have been killed in violent crimes, committed by people who illegally entered the United States? Why is this not plastered all over news headlines? Where is the outrage for these children who have suffered, just as those suffering temporary separation from their parents at U.S. borders?

If we, as a nation, are resolved to protect children, then let us act in bipartisan cooperation to protect all children, to voice outrage against all child-suffering, to advocate on the behalves of all families.

My grandparents entered the United States on a boat that docked at Ellis Island. My grandfather lived and worked in this nation until he drew his final breath at age 106. He was proud of his heritage but oh so proud of his citizenship as well. I can unequivocally state that he would absolutely abhor any attempt to sneak across a border or illegally enter the United States.

If I were to try to cross a border to gain illegal entrance to a country and find myself apprehended at that border, I would expect prosecution as prescribed by that nation’s laws. I personally cannot fathom why people seem bothered when this happens at U.S. borders. There is a system that allows immigrants like my grandparents to come here without breaking any laws. Some say there should be no system, that all borders should simply be open to anyone and everyone at all times. I shudder to think of the perpetual state of chaos and violence the human race would find itself in were the U.S. and all nations eradicate any and all regulations that govern entrance of foreign nationals into their territories.

As for children, they are precious gifts from God and all men will one day be accountable for how they cared for them, welcomed them into life and protected them from aggression.


Writer Bio: Judy Dudich

Judy Dudich resides in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania, where 24 acres of land and a home-office provide the perfect setting for her children’s home-education and her own homesteading and business ventures. Life is full of blessings (and challenges!) for Judy, as a wife, mother of 10 and Grammy to six. She is a published author, whose book, “I Surrender/A Study Guide for Women” continues to encourage and support others in Christian family lifestyles throughout the world. Judy has also previously worked in the online speaking circuit. Her passion for permaculture, re-purposing, foraging and organic gardening fills her days with learning and adventure that she loves to share.

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